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Many of our users love being able to export their timesheet data to Excel for further reporting, pivoting and data analysis, billing, and even payroll purposes. Did you know that with our recent 7.11. release, you can easily export data from your timesheet views in Tempo Timesheets? This particular exporting features was one of the most highly requested from our users, so we are excited to now offer this possibility.

Lets go through the few simple ways that you can export your timesheet data to Excel:

Exporting to Excel from Timesheet/Report/List view

In versions prior to Tempo Timesheets 7.11, users were only able export to Excel by opening up the Tempo Report or List view in Tempo and then selecting Export to Excel from there. What a hassle!

Now you can export to Excel directly from your timesheets.

Simply open up the one of the timesheet views and click on the Timesheet button in the top-right corner, as displayed below.


Then, click on the Export button in the top right corner and select Export to Excel. The Exporting feature is available from three different views in the timesheet, including the Timesheet, List, and Report view. Note that you can also view a printable version of the timesheet if you prefer.

export-to-excel-in-timesheets (1)


Exporting to Excel from List view



 Exporting to Excel from Report view

Alternative ways to export to Excel

There are a few other ways to export data out of Tempo Timesheets for further reporting. Our release manager, Sverrir, has created blog series on how to create XML exports and importing them into Excel for further reporting. (Please note that these tutorials are aimed at rather technically savvy users with development backgrounds.) Here are two additional tutorials that might help you with Excel reports using high-level permissions, as well as how to get your JIRA and Tempo data into an Excel pivot report:

These tutorials go through the steps necessary for enabling Tempo services, creating XML export, and then importing them into Microsoft Excel. This allows users to create custom reports and view both JIRA and Tempo data for further analysis.

If you would like to know more about Tempo Timesheets, download our guide or try it for free!

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