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Strategic Portfolio Management

Align people and priorities organization-wide

Align your teams, break down communication barriers, and ensure your organization’s scale is a multiplier, not a hindrance. Transform at your pace, and make data-driven decisions with Tempo’s modular, flexible, and scalable SPM tools.

Trusted by over 30,000 global companies

Modern modular PPM solutions that scale with your business

Align your teams with the integrated platform that bridges the gap between strategy and execution.


Start solving key challenges up and down stream today, build on success, and improve as you go with the right building blocks. Modular tools for modern teams.


Simple, yet powerful and purpose built for every level of the organization. No matter your approach, utilize the tools how you want, without requiring universal standardization.


A complete solution for teams and your entire organization. Simple to implement, easy to adopt, and cost-effective with the support and reliability needed for scale.


Trusted by over a third of the Fortune 500, Tempo’s integrated SPM platform is GDPR, ISO, and SOC2 compliant. Your data security is at the core of everything we do.

Roadmapping and communicating strategy

Align strategy to outcomes

Siloed teams and misaligned programs mean missed opportunities. Visualize your strategy and set clear priorities to align teams with key outcomes, with a steel thread from vision to execution.

Strategy execution management

Tempo’s cross product integrations means that organizations can plan smarter with a visual and adaptive roadmap that connects everything. Transition projects on a Roadmap to execution phase in Structure PPM and Jira in a few clicks.

Strategic alignment and decision making

Bridge the gap between strategy and action. Connect Strategic Roadmaps to the tools your teams use everyday (Jira, Azure DevOps, Github, and more) for a clear understanding of how ongoing work rolls up to your goals.

Enterprise program and portfolio management

Tempo offers a panoramic view of all ongoing and planned initiatives, allowing for effective coordination and resource allocation.

It's between the strategic vision of the company and the very tactical layer where Roadmaps (formerly Roadmunk) really shines for us. It helps up show the next hill we're going to climb on our innovation journey.

Dan Rinzel

Director of Product Management

Project and program management

Keep projects on track, on time, and on budget

Without the right budget, costs, revenue, and scope data, projects can go off the rails. Get portfolio-wide insights into capacity, team skills, and staffing to strategically allocate resources. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize priorities in real time, monitor team progress, and assess the health of teams, programs, and portfolios.

Integrated IT portfolio analysis

Analyze investments vs. actuals at a glance. Get a holistic view of investments, outcomes, and resource allocations, ensuring that every project aligns with strategic financial goals and delivers maximum value.

Project portfolio optimization

Maximize value delivery and prioritize the backlog accordingly. Dynamically prioritize and adjust your project portfolio based on real-time data and strategic objectives. This agility ensures that resources are allocated to projects with the highest potential for impact.

Project execution and delivery

Ensure smooth project execution with tools designed to streamline workflows and enhance communication. Transition projects from Strategic Roadmaps to execution phase in Structure and Jira in a few clicks.

Since virtually all aspects of the projects are managed in Jira, this results in a large number of related issues and pages, which would be impossible to manage without the Structure app.

Stephan Spenling

CTO and Chief Science Officer

Team capacity and resource management

Ensure people are aligned with priorities

Effectively manage your team's capacity and align resources with your company's strategic priorities to drive optimal performance. Our strategic portfolio management tools offer comprehensive visibility into individual and team workloads, enabling you to allocate tasks based on skills, availability, and project needs.

Project demand management

Accurately forecast project demand and analyze incoming project requests to prioritize effectively. Utilize advanced analytics to assess the impact of new projects on existing resources and strategic objectives.

Resource management and capacity planning

Highlight dependencies and the work blocked by them. Visualize and manage your team's capacity in alignment with project demands. This facilitates optimal resource allocation, ensuring that the right skills are deployed where they're most needed, enhancing efficiency, and preventing burnout.

Risk management and compliance

Derisk projects by ensuring the right capacities are strategically allocated based on the priority and potential impact of each project on your company's goals. Our tools help you assess and align team capabilities with critical initiatives, enabling optimal resource distribution.

We now plan our resources, build reports on available specialists, and monitor irregular tasks completed by developers between projects. All can be tackled with Capacity Planner.

Alex Tymchenko

Delivery Manager

Data visualization and reporting

Improve visibility at all levels

A lack of visibility into portfolio health makes it impossible to measure and analyze value in relation to your vision, budget, and goals. Tempo's platform brings transparency across your teams and enterprise, offering aggregated, real-time insights to mitigate risks, understand progress, and ensure the health of teams and programs.

Performance measurement and analytics

Create and share Custom Charts dashboards for reporting on portfolio allocation, progress, workloads, cumulative spend, customer satisfaction, and more. Fully customize charts and share specific and targeted data stories with your team members without training or studying endless documentation.

Financial oversight

With real-time data, you can monitor budgets, forecast expenditures, and track the ROI of each initiative, ensuring financial decisions are both strategic and data-driven.

Custom Charts is just so intuitive. It lets you build what you want quickly, with the freedom to tell the data story you want to tell, not the one the tool makes you tell.

Marianne Gosselin

Chief Information Officer

Get up and running faster with the leading implementation partners

Strategic portfolio management tools

Tempo’s modular, flexible, and scalable SPM tools can help you can start solving key challenges up and downstream today.

Strategic Roadmaps (formerly Roadmunk)

Create organization-wide alignment with roadmaps that coordinate with all your stakeholders.

Featured customer stories

How a leading satellite provider tracks time and creates winning reports with Tempo

Inmarsat is a global leader in satellite communications, offering a broad range of connectivity solutions to industries including maritime, aviation, government, and enterprise sectors.


UK-based Inmarsat has had plenty of time to accumulate tools and processes – something that patched a problem in the moment, but isn’t built for organization-wide efficiency or scaling. After a while, those short-term patches are everywhere.

Two of the key problem areas they were trying to solve for was time tracking and reporting, to improve the visibility of work being done for the portfolio. And, crucially for Inmarsat, the solution to these challenges had to be safe and secure.


For Inmarsat, Tempo was the obvious choice. With Timesheets they were able to go from a spreadsheet to a powerful yet intuitive time tracking solution, leveraging features like the ability to categorize expenditures as CapEx or OpEx to differentiate those activities for reporting purposes.

And with Custom Charts for Jira they gained a reporting solution that everyone could use, and feel empowered to report on progress.

Learn More


Timesheets is the obvious choice due to its reputation for customer service and features like the ability to categorize expenditures as CapEx or OpEx to differentiate those activities for reporting purposes.

Dan Tombs

Atlassian Architect

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    Custom Charts for Jira

Enterprise-grade security

Ensure your company's data is completely secure and that you're in compliance with the latest standards.

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AICPA Soc Seal

Popular products

Choose proven tools to support your vision for SPM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Tempo enhance strategic portfolio management?

Tempo provides modular, flexible, and scalable strategic portfolio management (SPM) tools that align teams, break down communication barriers, and scale your organization effectively. Our platform ensures data-driven decision-making across all levels without disrupting team workflows.

Can Tempo help with resource allocation and team coordination?

Yes, Tempo provides insights into capacity, team skills, and staffing to help you strategically allocate resources. Our tools also facilitate team coordination by highlighting dependencies and blocking work, ensuring the best ideas are prioritized.

What features does Tempo offer for strategic roadmapping?

Tempo's Strategic Roadmaps feature includes fast creation, iteration, and maintenance of strategic roadmaps, development of themes and strategic goals, prioritization tools, and integration with Structure PPM for seamless information flow from roadmap to execution.

How does Tempo ensure security and compliance?

Trusted by over a third of the Fortune 500, Tempo's integrated platform is GDPR, ISO, and SOC2 compliant, ensuring enterprise-grade security and compliance with industry standards. For a complete overview of our security and compliance procedures visit our Trust Center.

How can I get started with Tempo for SPM?

You can get started with Tempo by clicking on "Get started" or by talking to one of our experts to find the solution that best fits your needs.

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