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Align your organization with proactive portfolio management

Portfolio Manager (formerly LiquidPlanner)

The all-in-one project management platform that uses predictive scheduling to dynamically adapt to change and manage uncertainty. Plan, predict and optimize large complex portfolios across your entire organization with 90% confidence.

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The market's only predictive scheduling solution

The only project management solution that adapts to change & manages uncertainty to help teams plan, predict, and perform.

Predictive scheduling

Sophisticated simulations that generate realistic finish dates for your projects.

Balanced workload

Manage and organize concurrent complex projects with multiple tasks and dependencies.

Strategic prioritization

Real-time scenario modelling that updates your plans with every change.

The new and improved Portfolio Manager

Migrate from classic to new.

Project prioritization

Create a communication-centric culture

Portfolio Manager provides real-time visibility on all your projects and comes with collaboration features such as task assignments, file sharing, and real-time comments. Combined with native integration with Slack, adopting Portfolio Manager means less time spent on meetings, messages, and emails trying to keep everyone on-track.

Control the chaos

Workload predictions, automatic resource leveling and prioritization, and dynamic visualizations means your whole team knows who should be doing what and when it should be done.

Break through to your siloed teams

Portfolio Manager is designed to assist and support teams even with the most complex processes and dependencies.


Integrations with Slack and Jira make Portfolio Manager your team’s one-stop-shop for all their project needs.

Task management

More than just basic task management

Portfolio Manager is designed to automate the heavy lift and the boring data entry tasks away from you and your teams so you spend your working energy where it is needed most. It creates a single source of truth for all your work, showing everyone what tasks need to be done first, the status of that ongoing task, and the predicted schedule for getting it done.

A true end-to-end project management tool

Automatic levelling for your team’s workload across multiple projects and dependencies.

Stay informed from the standup to the boardroom

Know how your projects and teams are performing against targets at a glance.

Workload views

See how work is distributed across your teams across 30, 60, 90, and 180 day increments.

Project prioritization

Transform your projects from uncertain to unstoppable

Our predictive technology analyses your resources and capacity forecast outcomes with scenario modeling. With Portfolio Manager, you get precise answers to those crucial "when?" questions: When projects will finish, when team members are available, and when they are occupied.

Predictive scheduling with 90% confidence

No more mental estimations and guesswork. Portfolio Manager runs sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations across your entire portfolio to generate deadlines you can trust.

Going beyond the traditional

Portfolio Manager automatically balances your workloads and dynamically adapts to changes in resources, priority, and scope.

Risk prevention and elimination

Spot risks and capacity overload long in advance to cut out bottlenecks before they can hinder your workflows.

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Featured customer stories

How Portfolio Manager helped save BHS Robotics from project pandemonium

BHS Robotics is a world-class system integrator offering leading technology solutions, comprehensive capabilities, and extensive technical expertise.


BHS Robotics faced two main challenges: Properly estimating timelines for custom orders and capacity issues related to engineering staffing. A surge of new orders and projects meant that these issues simply couldn’t go unaddressed for long.

To compound both of these problems, they were running outdated systems for tracking their resources and labor costs and they knew there had to be a better way.


BHS Robotics implemented Portfolio Manager in April 2022, and saw huge benefits in how their teamed aligned around priorities and fixed their broken timelines and stressed-out teams with accurate and sensible deadlines.

- Portfolio Manager reduced the calls from the sales and management teams to the engineering team requesting continuous status updates. Everyone can see an updated project timeline in real-time.

- Teams are able to estimate project timelines more efficiently and accurately by allowing individual team members to update their projects and estimate their tasks.

- Each of BHS Robotics engineers, managers, and sales team members could foresee issues, allowing them to course-correct before it is too late.

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I’ve gone through multiple programs with regard to resource and project management. Portfolio Manager is by far the best; it’s the only one that is truly fluid. It really helps plan the timeline for your projects and shows you the path of how you will achieve it.

Bradley Brockmeyer

Engineering Manager

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    Portfolio Manager (LiquidPlanner)

Enterprise-grade security

Ensure your company's data is completely secure and that you're in compliance with the latest standards.

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Connect with the systems you use every day

Portfolio Manager integrates with tools your organization already uses, right out of the box. We integrate with Jira, Slack, and offer Single Sign On (SSO).

Streamline your workflow, in-and-out of Jira

Tempo's products help teams increase productivity and communicate across their organization.


Tempo’s intuitive automation and Jira-native design make it the most trusted time tracking tool for enterprise organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Portfolio Manager is a comprehensive project management platform designed to automatically schedule tasks across your team, adapt to changes in real-time, and prevent missed deadlines. It uses predictive scheduling to provide accurate project timelines and optimize resource allocation, ensuring teams can rapidly adapt to any changes.

Portfolio Manager utilizes a dynamic and predictive scheduling engine, incorporating sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations. This approach factors in project priorities, team capacities, and ranged estimates to forecast start and finish dates with a 90% confidence level, without the need for manual date entry.

Yes, Portfolio Manager is specifically designed to manage and organize concurrent complex projects with ease. Its project prioritization feature aligns global priorities across teams, ensuring everyone works on the right tasks at the right time. This helps in preventing conflicting priorities and wasted resources.

The platform shows real-time team bandwidth and capacity, allowing for automatic resource leveling. It aligns team demand with capacity and adjusts schedules as necessary to prevent overload and burnout, promoting a balanced workload.

Absolutely. Portfolio Manager is built to adapt to changes in scope, schedule, and cost, providing updated forecasts in real time. Whether it's project scope changes, unexpected team disruptions, or shifts in priority, the platform adjusts project plans and constraints to keep things on track.

It offers collaboration tools like task assignments, file sharing, and real-time comments, significantly reducing the reliance on emails. With native integration with Slack, it streamlines communication across teams and the entire organization, enhancing clarity and accountability.

Unlike traditional tools that rely on static planning and manual date entry, Portfolio Manager's dynamic scheduling engine and predictive capabilities provide more accurate forecasts and adapt in real-time to changes. This reduces uncertainty and increases project success rates.

Yes, Portfolio Manager is ideal for large organizations managing multiple projects and large teams. Its ability to automate scheduling, balance workloads, and prioritize tasks strategically makes it a powerful tool for large-scale project management.

You can begin by clicking "Start a Free Trial" on the website. For more personalized assistance or if you have specific questions, the "Talk to an Expert" button is available to connect you with our team.

New users have access to a range of support options, including detailed guides, video tutorials, and customer support teams. For organizations requiring additional help, expert consultation services are available to ensure a smooth transition and optimal use of the platform. You can also email us at support@liquidplanner.com

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