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Unlock service management excellence with Tempo

Align your teams, control costs, and get clarity across your entire portfolio and services with the ultimate toolkit for ITSM excellence.

With Tempo's modular suite of embedded tools for Jira, you can build and scale a custom ITSM solution


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Control your entire portfolio

Align your IT investments with business objectives and get clarity across IT portfolios and services so your teams can focus on what matters most.

  • A single source of truth

    Connect work across teams and projects in one view to facilitate transparency and accountability.

  • Tame your queue sprawl

    View multiple Jira Service Management projects in one place to get a full picture of your support operations. 

  • Remove the guesswork

    Powerful data aggregation and custom formulas mean you can group, filter, and prioritize tickets by any criteria.

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Optimize service excellence

Strategically allocate people and teams, remove bottlenecks, and control costs without sacrificing quality.

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  • Strategically people and teams

    Ensure that you have the right people with the right skills for support and project demands.

  • Remove bottlenecks

    Track agent and team activities to streamline processes, improve response times, and meet SLAs.

  • Control costs and improve quality

    Understand the full cost of support, types of service requests, and initiatives so you can make the right investments. 

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Unlock insights and ensure transparency

Get your teams access to real-time business-critical data and key metrics across the organization so they can make decisions knowing the data is in their corner.

  • Improve transparency

    Share risk, status, and ITSM metrics across your organization or directly with customers with custom charts, dashboards, and reports in Jira or Confluence.  

  • Make informed decisions

    Aggregate information to identify time and cost-saving opportunities and overspending by breaking down project expenses into granular details.

  • Simplify the audit process

    Quickly generate financial reports and gather data from work logs or plans for individuals, teams, or even your whole company.

Take your ITSM solution to the next level with Tempo

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ITSM solutions for Jira

With Tempo's modular suite of tools, you can build and scale a custom ITSM solution at your own pace. Enhance Jira's capabilities with any of our embedded products that are simple to implement, easy to adopt, and cost-effective.


Connect work across multiple teams, projects, or service queues in one view. With powerful data aggregation and custom formulas easily group, filter, and prioritize issues by any criteria. Build reports and dashboards with information that you couldn’t get from Jira alone.

Learn about Structure



Understand and manage an organization's time to keep its most valuable resource focused. Resolve time inefficiencies, gain visibility, and enhance accountability across teams.

Learn about Timesheets



Ensure your teams and team members have the capacity and proper skills to complete work in a designated timeframe. Allocate shared resources more effectively.

Learn about Planner


Cost Tracker | Budgets

Harness accurate, real-time worklog data from Tempo Timesheets to better understand the cost of incidents, financial implications of different types of service requests. Add monetary success metrics to assigned work to view budgets, costs, revenue, status, and scope of projects, services, or portfolios.

Learn about Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud

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Custom Charts

Simple yet powerful customizable charts for Jira and Confluence with fully customizable service management dashboards to track ticket priority, SLAs met vs breached, CSAT rating, and more.

Learn about Custom Charts

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