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Monitor financial health at every level

Financial Manager

Monitor projects and portfolios to get simple, clear, and real-time views of your costs, budgets, and profits that can be shared throughout your entire organization.

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#1 financial management software for Jira

Tracks budgets, labor, expenses, billable/non-billable time, CAPEX vs. OPEX and revenue. Identifies trends for project forecasting and internal collaboration.

Control labor costs and expenses

Get dynamic data across your entire portfolio

Analyze project success

View labor costs, time spent, costs vs budget, and many more metrics

Monitor project health and progress

Visualize your expenses by category

Estimate project returns

Improve project planning

Identify project patterns and trends throughout your entire portfolio so you can see how they performed objectively and use that data for your future plans.

Project cost forecasting

Group your projects into strategic portfolios to measure and manage the financial performance based on aggregated budget, costs, revenue, and scope.

Accurately report on CapEx vs. OpEx

Import your Jira issues and Timesheets data associated with CapEx and OpEx accounts and calculate expenditures based on the current cost rates.

Financial Manager has been instrumental in managing project costs at our organization. Tempo has given us actionable daily insights into the projects' financial health and the ability to prepare monthly reports and billing effortlessly.

Darina Lubomirova


Project financial management software

Avoid budget creep

Implement standardized processes and calculations when creating your budgets and monitoring them. That means you can make informed, real-time decisions with an accurate reflection of the work being done and know when you need to pivot.

Project cost reporting

Define project scope, set your budget and a global cost rate, and see results immediately

Project budget tracking

Visualize total costs and expenses against your planned budget

Expense tracking software

View real-time financial metrics

Create visual representations of all parts of your projects finances. Whether you need high-levels views or granular detail, Financial Manager can do it. Track budgets, labor, expenses, billable and non-billable time, CapEx vs. OpEx, and more.

Revenue projections

Identify trends for project forecasting and internal collaboration.

Team and time tracking integrations

Use your data from tools like Timesheets or Capacity Planner for more granular insights into your data across teams, projects, and resources.

Measure progress and profits in Jira

Optimize for the financial goals of your organization by grouping projects into strategic portfolios.

What our customers think about us

Susan Hauth

Jira User

"We have been using Timesheets for almost 10 years. There is no better Timesheet tool for our teams and I highly recommend it for all your Timesheets needs."

Featured customer stories

Customer story - How BAE Systems tracks their numbers with Financial Manager

BAE Systems provides some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defense, aerospace, and security solutions.


BAE System's strong focus on project cost control led them to implement earned value management (EVM) and Financial Manager.

Before, their project managers weren’t using data held in Jira but relying on status reports from team leads. With projects involving multiple engineering teams delivering separate work packages, monthly project finance status reviews became difficult, and it was a challenge for the project managers to understand when costs were overrunning.


Financial Manager made a difference right away. The app has saved project managers time preparing for the monthly project reviews as they no longer have to generate earned value graphs manually. It has also made the cost/schedule trend more visible to both the development and project teams, empowering them to take early corrective action.

The team was able to enter their resourcing information to get a future actual projection. Then, Financial Manager provided a forecast of the projected completion date and costs for the program by extrapolating the earned value metric.

Meanwhile the ‘portfolio’ feature enables each engineering team to manage their own projects in Financial Manager (where they are called ‘folios’). These folios are aggregated in the portfolio view at the program level, offering managers a broad insight into all the engineering teams’ work.

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I saw the potential of Financial Manager by Tempo, so I tried it on a complex major program. I liked the way it reused existing issue backlogs to create historical earned value and clearly shows progress versus budget.

Damian Le Gresley

Head of Engineering Improvement

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Ensure your company's data is completely secure and that you're in compliance with the latest standards.

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Tempo’s intuitive automation and Jira-native design make it the most trusted time tracking tool for enterprise organization.

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Capacity Planner

A powerful team resource management tool designed to optimize capacity planning and project management in Jira

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I try Financial Manager before purchasing it?

Yes! We encourage you to access a free trial of Financial Manager to explore its features and see how it could help your team. Simply click here to begin your trial.

Does Financial Manager have the ability to approve hours by project?

Project hours can be approved directly in Financial Manager, where project owners can verify the hours worked by their team on the projects that they manage. This simplifies the process for a project owner to approve logged hours and for team leads to acknowledge the validity of the time spent on their projects.

Can I organize my projects in groups and view overall financial metrics?

The project portfolios feature can facilitate the work of managing multiple projects aimed at achieving the same objectives. Projects can be grouped together in a portfolio to gain insight into how a portfolio is performing based on the aggregated budget, cost, revenue, and scope of the projects in the portfolio.

Does Financial Manager integrate with other Tempo products?

Currently, customers need Timesheets in order for Financial Manager to function since it pulls worklog data to assign labor costs. Recently, an integration has been added between Financial Manager and Structure where users can use Structure to visualize, track, and manage the work of multiple teams or projects, and then track costs and revenue of the structure in a Financial Manager project.

Measure progress and profits in Jira

Optimize for the financial goals of your organization by grouping projects into strategic portfolios.