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Time Tracker

Extend your Jira with prebuilt and highly configurable reports for straightforward time tracking.

Tempo is trusted by 30,000+ global companies

Integrate agile Jira time tracking and reporting

Improve your workflow with the hassle-free timesheet app your team will love

Report on time for users or groups

Track, visualize, and report on time logged data

Install in any Jira environment

Cloud or DC – Time Tracker can help

Intuitive and accessible for all

Users can log their time in a single click

Analyze time spent

Log and track time, view calendars, and analyze your Jira data in real time to optimize your projects without disrupting workflow.

Templates for quick results

Choose from over 10 report templates and quickly configure them with different dates, parameters, and include any other Jira field.

Configurable reports

Use the pie chart report to display a visual summary of worked time for a project in a given period, the time in status report to display the elapsed time for particular issues, or the time balance report to display all time tracking changes in a set period.

Improve time awareness

By understanding where time is being allocated, individuals can prioritize tasks more effectively and reduce time wastage.

Time Tracker or Time Tracker Lite

Choose from two different options for time tracking based on you and your teams needs.

Time Tracker

Get access to dynamic data updates and more advanced sharing features

Time Tracker Lite

A version of Time Tracker for smaller teams with different needs.

Improve your billable hours tracking

Get real-time visibility into project progress and helps identify potential bottlenecks or areas for optimization.

Easy exports

Export to Excel or CSV to share your insights across different departments and teams.

Intuitive invoices

Review time entries, create quick invoices, and stay on top of your teams' time

Optimize your time

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Enterprise-grade security

Ensure your company's data is completely secure and that you're in compliance with the latest standards.

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Connect with the systems you use every day

Tempo tools integrate with tools your organization already uses, right out of the box.

Streamline your workflow, in and out of Jira

Tempo's products help teams increase productivity and communicate across their organization.


Tempo’s intuitive automation and Jira-native design make it the most trusted time tracking tool for enterprise organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the differences between Time Tracker and Time Tracker Lite?

Time Tracker and Time Tracker Lite are basically the same product with Time Tracker having a few more advanced features. Both products offer the same reporting options, but Time Tracker has features such as subscribing to reports by email and dashboard gadgets.

Can I add any report to my Jira dashboard?

Tempo makes it easy to take any configured report and add it to your Jira dashboard through the gadget function – allowing users to visually monitor and interact with multiple reports at the same time.

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