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The Planned vs. Actuals Report in Jira with Tempo

How accurate is your planning? How is your project doing?

Tempo’s Planned vs. Actuals report in...

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5 ways to boost your efficiency in the morning

As an adult, choosing the attitude you wish to carry throughout the day is important and it can...

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4 reasons why Tempo is better than spreadsheets

Whether you’re tracking time, planning resources, or managing finances, it’s important to have the...

2mn read

5 reasons your employees will appreciate Tempo

Misconceptions concerning time tracking and resource management software include the belief that...

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3 reasons time management can be difficult to master

Everybody gets the same 24 hours per day to achieve whatever they put their mind to. Once it’s...

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3 everyday tips that will boost your efficiency and time management

We’d all like to show up early for work, complete tasks before they are due, and fluently maintain...

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3 reasons companies struggle to track time

In the long run, it may not seem important to keep a detailed record of your employees' working...

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How to motivate your employees to track time


It’s not unusual for a company to meet resistance when implementing Jira time tracking software...

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Three ways to enable collaboration across agile teams

This is a guest post by Krittika Banerjee, Marketing and Content Manager of Go2group


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