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Custom Charts for Confluence

Create and share all kinds of highly visual and customizable charts directly on your Confluence pages.

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Jira dashboard report and filter

Effortless creation of custom charts, Jira reports and dashboards for your Jira and JSM data right into Confluence

Charts and dashboards for your entire organization

Create a central hub for any progress report or metric important to your team.

Real-time updates

Replicate any Jira dashboard report and share it with your stakeholders in Confluence with only a few clicks.

Tailor your reports to any use case

Share read-only role-specific charts and reports by utilizing the user impersonation feature.

Simple and intuitive reporting in Confluence

With Custom Charts, Confluence users can create and share all kinds of highly visual and customizable charts in a matter of clicks.

Pie, bar, line, tile charts, and more

Enhance your Confluence pages with beautiful charts and reports.

No coding required

You don't need to be a tech expert or even an experienced Jira or Confluence user to create your first chart and be presentation-ready.

Color picker

Make your charts on brand by picking the color you need or using an exact HEX code.

Custom Charts for Confluence as well as Custom Charts for Jira are great apps that everyone should know. The added value is outstanding and facilitates the work immensely.

Katharina Lasota

License Manager

Report straight from your projects into Confluence

A single Jira dashboard gadget where your teams can embed dynamic charts and reports from their preferred working tools directly into their Confluence pages.

Integrations with Jira, JWM, and JSM

Build reports where you need them most

Tailor your chart macros for any audience

Pick from a wide range of custom fields, including popular third party apps, or use the full capacity of charting by custom JQL or saved filters

Integrations with Timesheets, Structure, and Custom Charts for Jira

Seamless integrations with other Tempo apps for fast boardroom-ready charts made from your timesheets or Jira issues

Awesome app – simple and well thought through. Really makes it easy for the masses to use data locked up in Jira.

Christian Reichert

Founder & CEO

Fully customizable role-specific reports

Get visualizations for dozens of different custom fields to get visibility over your team’s work and communicate bottlenecks and successes without saying a single word. Get a detailed view of time spent per epic, sprint, assignee and more.

Simple search

Dynamically filter down your chart data for different audiences or use the drag-and-drop interface to choose specific saved filters, custom fields, and system fields from your Jira instance

User impersonation

Confluence users can see Jira reports even if they’re not in Jira and customize viewer's access without exposing sensitive data


Use our samples or build your own inventory of reusable chart templates so that your Confluence users don’t have to start from scratch every time

Finally some decent charts in Confluence! Very useful simple and powerful at the same time. Really helpful when writing down reports to present to upper management or customers.

Luís Ribeiro

Agile Leader

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What our customers think about us

Dan McQuade

Platform Engineer for the Sky Bet division

"Custom Charts is the only app that we have a dedicated Confluence page for and that’s because it gets so much engagement. Our users love it. They’re always asking, ‘Can it do this, can it do that?’ This is a rare thing; we don’t get feedback like this on any of our other apps. "

Featured customer stories

Sky Betting & Gaming Says Custom Charts Is Actually Improving Users’ Lives

As one of the largest online gamling companies in the UK, Sky Betting & Gaming has plenty of financials and reports to make to keep track of their progress. They are constantly releasing new promotions and games on their site, and used to manually export all their data into spreadsheets.


Before Custom Charts, the Sky Bet team relied as much as they could on Jira’s built-in reports. 

However, because they are so limited, most users were exporting their data into Microsoft Excel so that they could make better graphs and charts from there.

The problem was that all this exporting was taking time. It could easily take an hour to produce a report on a single data point. Because there is a limit in Excel on how many tickets you can export at once, reporting on all tickets over the course of a year would take even longer. On top of that? As soon as you export data from Jira into Excel, it stops being live.


Custom Charts is now used heavily within testing and ITSM at Sky Bet. The different ‘tribes’ and ‘squads’ that make up Sky Bet all have their own dashboards and there is now only one non-Custom Charts gadget they are continuing to use: Filter Results. Custom Charts has replaced all the others, enriching everybody’s Jira dashboards in the process. 

The team at Sky added that the app also integrates well with the other Atlassian platforms they’re using, such as Insight and Xray. 

Most importantly, all of Sky Bet’s data is now in Jira, as opposed to being spread across countless disparate spreadsheets.

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Custom Charts is the only app that we have a dedicated Confluence page for and that’s because it gets so much engagement. Our users love it. They’re always asking, ‘Can it do this, can it do that?’ This is a rare thing; we don’t get feedback like this on any of our other apps. 

Dan McQuade

Platform Engineer for the Sky Bet division

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    Custom Charts for Jira

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Custom Charts for Confluence work?

Custom Charts provides dashboard gadgets and Confluence macros that allow you to add dynamic charts that look great and are easy to build.

How do I display my Custom Charts in both Jira and Confluence?

No need to export static charts to display them elsewhere, Custom Charts for Jira and Custom Jira Charts for Confluence are two separate apps, allowing near-identical experiences so you can create beautiful reports in both places.

Is user impersonation enabled by default?

No. By default, user impersonation is disabled and no users have access to Impersonate themselves, or any other users.

To give users access to this feature individual users and/or groups must be added to the “User Impersonation Permissions” in the Custom Jira Charts administration settings.

Who can view a custom Jira chart when user impersonation is being used?

When user impersonation is enabled, anyone who has the “View” permission on the Confluence page will be able to view the chart.

This means that anyone who can view the Confluence page, even Confluence users without Jira licences, are able to view the chart.

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