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Unlock enterprise power with Jira Cloud’s powerful features

Migrate to Jira Cloud with confidence. The software’s new features are exciting, and Atlassian provides resources to support a smooth transition.
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On February 15, 2024, Atlassian and its Atlassian Marketplace partners, including Tempo, ceased support for Jira Server software and related Marketplace apps, like Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management.

But this change doesn’t mean your favorite project management tool is gone forever. These solutions simply migrated from a server-based service to Jira Cloud, Atlassian’s cloud-based platform.

You might feel apprehensive about the switch, especially if you’re a long-term user of Jira by Atlassian. Fear not! Relocating Jira and Confluence to the new platform comes with a host of benefits for project and development teams. After learning more about Atlassian Cloud, you’ll look forward to the transition. 

What is Jira Cloud?

Main features of Jira Cloud

With cloud-based server technology for Jira, Atlassian manages and maintains the application’s infrastructure. Atlassian takes the task out of its clients’ hands, allowing it to offer users a hassle-free experience with minimal setup and maintenance requirements, plus reduced – if not eliminated – system downtime.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg regarding features. Here are more benefits of Jira Cloud:

Improved security and compliance

Jira Cloud integrates the latest security and compliance features into its platform to protect your data.

Main navigation search

For busy project managers, Jira Cloud lets you search and access issues, projects, and other items from the main navigation window without digging through sub-menus.

(Source: Atlassian)

Flexible issue tracking

Jira Cloud provides a browser feature that gives an overview of every issue in a centralized location. 

(Source: Atlassian)

From there, you can use keyboard accessibility to navigate to individual items and review: 

  • Status

  • Priority

  • Assignment

  • Comments

Integrated automation

Don’t get bogged down performing repetitive tasks. Jira Cloud offers a quick and easy automation setting to take care of them for you, boosting your efficiency and productivity. 

Customized notifications

Don’t inundate your teammates with unnecessary emails. Personalize notifications based on audience requirements by categorizing stakeholders as:

  • Watchers

  • Reporters

  • Assignees

  • Mentions

You can also send alerts to the audience when you make changes to the issue.

Atlassian and third-party apps

The Atlassian Marketplace offers solutions from Atlassian and third parties that integrate with Jira Cloud to streamline and expand the tool’s collaborative functionality.

Kanban and Scrum boards

If you’re an agile team working in Jira, Atlassian makes it easy to integrate Tempo Capacity Planner into the platform so you can build your project’s Kanban board or plan your scrum’s sprints.  

Project roadmaps

Give your team a high-level overview of upcoming tasks by integrating Jira with Tempo Strategic Roadmaps. Strategic Roadmaps converts projects, backlogs, or epics into intuitive roadmaps so you can easily prioritize tasks, build alignment, and identify blockers.

Many additional features are available depending on whether you select the Free, Standard, Premium, or Enterprise version of Jira software.

Frequently asked questions about Jira Cloud

Cloud migration is no small matter. You may have questions about what this means for you and your business. Below are the most frequently asked questions from clients like yourself who face the same challenges. 

1. How are Jira and Confluence changing?

On February 15, 2024, Atlassian shuttered the Atlassian Server entirely. Atlassian and Marketplace partners, like Tempo, have ceased providing security updates, bug fixes, and technical support for any related issues, including critical vulnerabilities to Server-based platforms and Marketplace apps. 

In other words, Tempo no longer provides any support or updates for products compatible with Jira or Confluence Server solutions.

2. I’m using Jira or Confluence Server. Can I still buy third-party apps?

No. Atlassian Marketplace stopped selling applications to extend your Jira dashboard or Confluence reporting on February 15, 2024. 

3. Can I continue to use my existing third-party apps like Custom Charts past February 15, 2024?

It’s up to you. You can choose to remain on the server and use your favorite Tempo applications. Your licenses are for life, but – and we can’t emphasize this enough – we can’t help you past the drop-dead date. 

Tempo will no longer release functionality or security updates, making your organization vulnerable to security threats. We highly recommend you migrate to the Data Center or Jira Cloud as soon as possible.

4. I want to continue using my organization’s server and get support. How do I do this?

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. However, if you don’t have the resources to migrate to Cloud or are subject to regulations that prevent the transition (e.g., HIPAA), you could move to Atlassian Data Center.

Atlassian has committed to supporting and developing Data Center, a mission-critical application for many clients. You can rest assured that once you make the switch, it’s for good.

5. I’m on the fence about migrating to the Cloud. What should I do?

We highly recommend migrating to Jira Cloud. Contrary to what you might have heard, Cloud technology is the safest place to host your data. Atlassian is focusing its efforts on cloud hosting because of the emphasis on security.

Plus, new features for Tempo applications will first migrate to the Jira Cloud platform, with some new features available exclusively for Cloud – but only a few. We will continue to offer the vast majority of features to all hosting options.

6. Can I talk to someone about what to do? Pretty please?

Moving to the cloud requires coordination between you, the client, Atlassian, and its partners. Read Atlassian’s cloud migration guide to find the best solution to your migration challenge, then connect with support channels and online applications to assist with the transition.  

How Tempo can help you with Jira Cloud integration

There’s a lot to think about as you migrate to Jira Cloud hosting, and Tempo is here to support you as your organization completes the transition.

We provide a self-managed migration guide to help you transfer your favorite Tempo tools, such as Timesheets, Capacity Planner, and Budgets, to either Data Center or Cloud. And if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Tempo Support Team

Switching to either Jira Cloud or Data Center is a big move, but you’ve got this. Tempo will be with you every step of the way.