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As the new year approaches, we want to share some important changes to Tempo's pricing structure, set to take effect on January 3, 2024. After thorough customer feedback and market analysis, we've crafted a new pricing structure so our tools can keep meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your team's needs.

This change is pivotal for:

Continued product development

You’ll love what we’ve got planned for 2024. Our new pricing underpins our dedication to constantly enriching and expanding our product features.

Enhanced customer support

We understand Tempo’s tools are the lifeblood of your portfolio management, so we're elevating our support and services to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Sustainable growth

In the face of macroeconomic uncertainty and rising costs, we want to ensure we’re growing responsibly and to continue to be an important strategic partner to you and your business. 

New pricing details

To uphold our promise of delivering high-quality, feature-rich portfolio management solutions, we are revising our pricing. Pricing varies by product, host type, and tier, so the information below explains the changes broadly: 

  • Adjustments across our portfolio will be published January 3rd, 2024. Changes apply to all Tempo apps, with a focus on predictable and standardized pricing methodologies across our portfolio of apps and solutions.
  • Data Center app prices will see an average increase of about 15%, with higher tiers experiencing more significant changes. Many lower tiers will remain unchanged.
  • Cloud app prices will rise by about 10% on average, with more substantial increases at higher tiers, while many lower tiers will see no change.
  • Custom Charts products will transition to paid products at the Cloud 1-10 tier.

We are exploring new plans and services, including enhanced enterprise capabilities and robust security/compliance features. More details will follow soon.

Supporting a simple transition

In alignment with Atlassian's pricing policy, existing customers enjoy a 60-day price override, offering the current lower rate upon renewal or app purchase, applicable if staying within the same user tier and the quote is created before the renewal override date.

If you are currently evaluating an app, cloud evaluators can lock in the lower price if purchased before the evaluation expires. Data Center evaluators will be subject to new pricing, barring any pre-existing quotes.

It’s also important to note that we support customers migrating to Data Center or Cloud through Atlassian’s Dual Licensing program. You can find more information about server migration in our help center pages.

To facilitate a seamless transition, we’re offering:

  • Grace period: Enjoy your current pricing for 60 days from the changes going live on Jan 3 (aligned to Atlassian’s algorithm so some nuance on the specific date), after which new rates apply.
  • Tailored plans: Our new pricing tiers are designed to cater to a variety of operational scales and needs. Please reach out if you have any specific requirements.
  • Dedicated support: Our team is here to guide you through these changes and address any concerns.

We know that pricing changes can be difficult and we don’t do this lightly. We want to keep delivering top quality service to you and remain innovative in our solutions going into 2024 and beyond.

We're here to help

We understand that change can prompt questions. If your questions aren’t answered in the FAQ below then please reach out to us via our support team for any queries or feedback. Your insights are incredibly valuable to us.

Thank you for being a cherished member of the Tempo community. We eagerly anticipate forging ahead together in 2024 and beyond.


When will the new pricing be published?

  • Pricing will be published in the Atlassian Marketplace on January 3rd.

Why are you changing prices at this time?

  • We are adjusting pricing at the same time, for all products. This process began several years ago and as we acquire new products we align the periods for adjusting prices. While we set no specific recurring date for pricing adjustments, our intention is to make the timing predictable.

What is meant by predictable and standardized pricing?

  • Predictable means providing some normalcy to when pricing adjustments may occur. Standardized means a common pricing methodology, based on the value delivered to customers, applied consistently across all products, even products that have been recently brought into the Tempo portfolio through acquisitions.

Can I still buy or renew my apps at the old prices?

  • Yes, existing subscriptions can be renewed at the old price for a period of 60 days, and any quotes created before the new prices go into effect will be honored for 30 days.

What if I have a Cloud app for 10 or fewer users that was previously free and is now paid?

  • Only two apps will transition from free to paid, Custom Charts for Jira and Custom Charts for Confluence. While we understand this is a change, we believe it helps us focus our efforts and support on paid customers, even at the smallest tiers and enabling them to get the high quality of support common throughout all of Tempo’s products.

Will there be any additional price changes?

  • We frequently review our pricing compared to the market. Future pricing adjustments will reflect the value our apps and solutions provide to our base of loyal customers.

Who should I contact with questions?

  • Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team for questions about our app pricing. Channel partners can receive more information directly from their channel manager.

Will there be any price incentives for purchasing multiple products? I.e. bundling

  • Please contact Tempo Sales at to discuss your needs and how we can assist.

Why are most of the enhancements being made in Cloud? What about Data Center (DC)?

  • Tempo is a cloud-first business because that is how the majority of our customers want to manage their apps. However, Tempo continues to invest in Data Center as well to ensure all our customers are covered.

Do you support Atlassian’s Dual Licensing program?

  • Yes, Tempo is opted into Atlassian’s Dual Licensing program.

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