Celebrating 2023: An amazing year for Tempo

As we wave goodbye to 2023, it's time to reflect on a year that's been nothing short of remarkable for Tempo. There have been new acquisitions to bring a more rounded toolkit for your teams and some major features rolled out that we’re really proud of.

But that's not all – in 2023 we had the opportunity to attend some incredible events, like Team ‘23 and the Global SAFe Summit, and got some face-to-face time with our partners and customers to hear more about what they want (and need) from our products.

We also have to mention the partner events and webinars that we got involved with, along with some joint campaigns on ITSM solutions and Agile at Scale. We learned a lot, collaborated with some excellent partners, and are invested in growing our partner ecosystem in 2024.

There were some transformative changes in our executive leadership we’d like to highlight as multiple talented individuals have joined our ranks to help support our enterprise customers with their expertise and dedication.

Join us as we take a moment to celebrate these incredible achievements and look forward to the exciting road ahead.


Key product releases

In 2023, Tempo acquired two new companies: LiquidPlanner and Old Street Solutions (creators of Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence). Our focus for the year was building out the capabilities of the products you know and love, like Timesheets and Structure, while integrating these new solutions and other existing products.

Each release was a step forward in our commitment to providing sophisticated, agile, and user-friendly solutions for strategic portfolio management. 

  • Timesheets: AI-enabled suggestions made a big splash this summer, marking the shift from rule-based engines to AI-powered time logging suggestions. Read more.
  • Structure: We launched Structure speed mode to help users get started building project portfolios. You also have more advanced reporting and visualization tools, giving more flexibility to view, organize, and customize your work. Read more.
  • Planner: With the release of team planning features, users can now plan by team, by individual, or both within the same dashboard view. Discover Planner.
  • Roadmunk: 2023 brought new integrations with other external tools, a better UX experience in timeline views, and custom account templates for swift standardized roadmapping across your teams and entire organization. Check out all of the Roadmunk product updates here.
  • LiquidPlanner: LiquidPlanner joined the Tempo team and began its migration from classic to an updated new version with more intelligent insights, a new interface, and plenty of fresh and updated features to take the tool to new heights. Learn more about the migration here.  
  • Custom Charts: Major integrations with Structure, Timesheets, and other solutions allow users to visualize a range of data – including burnups, burndowns, cumulative flow charts, and time-in-status reports. Discover Custom Charts.
  • Cost Tracker: New project forecasting capabilities allow you to predict outcomes of projects in progress, all based on Timesheets and Planner data. Discover Cost Tracker.
  • Integrated portfolio: Our set of purpose-built solutions help teams and leaders work better, faster, and smarter together. In 2023, Tempo built deeper integrations between these products, allowing us to better support organizations scaling agile, optimizing ITSM, or improving client services operations.
  • Trust Center: We launched a new way for you to access information about Tempo’s security and compliance program. Visit the Trust Center.

Changes to our leadership to deliver Tempo’s next phase of growth

2023 was a year of strategic evolution for Tempo, highlighted by key changes in our executive team to enhance our focus on enterprise solutions. Shannon Mason transitioned to chief strategy officer and has already begun her work shaping our long-term strategy.

Joe Watson came aboard as senior vice president of product management, aligning our products more closely with enterprise customer needs. Adam Wallace, as our new chief technology officer, played a vital role in advancing our technology, keeping us at the cutting edge of strategic portfolio management. 

Finally, Jeff Bolke recently joined as chief revenue officer. With years of experience in enterprise SaaS, Tempo will benefit from his expertise as we look to grow sustainably and strengthen customer relations. 

These changes, integral to our 2023 journey, have positioned Tempo for continued innovation and leadership in the industry.

Free resources developed by the team

We want to make  our products as easy to use as possible – directly solving the real world challenges that you face. From broad guides that provide insight into the murky world of agile, to more tangible hands-on webinars covering new features in the Tempo stack, we hope you found these resources useful. 

Here are some of the free resources you may have missed. You can find many more at tempo.io, under the ‘learn’ menu.

Thanks for stopping by – some of Tempo’s favorite events

In 2023, one of the most rewarding aspects of Tempo's journey was connecting with our customers at various industry events. These gatherings were more than just opportunities for us to showcase our latest innovations; they were vibrant spaces where we could learn directly from you, our valued customers. 

Each event provided a unique platform for us to listen to your experiences, understand your evolving needs, and strengthen our relationships. 

Some of our highlights included:

  • Team 23 in Vegas
  • Partner advisory board (PAB) in Boston
  • Agile 2023 in Florida
  • Global SAFe Summit in Nashville
  • High Velocity in Sydney
  • Unleash in Amsterdam


Team at High Velocity

Global SAFe Summit

Tempo CSO Shannon Mason, presenting at Team 23

Here’s to 2024

As we close the final chapter of 2023, we can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude and pride for the incredible journey we've shared at Tempo. 

From breakthrough product developments to the dynamic expansion of our executive leadership, each step has brought us closer to realizing our vision of empowering enterprises with best in class solutions for strategic portfolio management. 

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Here's to another year of groundbreaking achievements, learning, and growth. Cheers to 2024 – let's make it another phenomenal year together!

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