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Which Tempo time tracking product is right for you?

From Team '23

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If you’re looking into time tracking solutions for Jira, you may have realized that the native functionality just isn’t enough to meet your needs. Thankfully, you have other options available!

Tempo makes it possible to conveniently customize your time tracking experience with one of two different products: Tempo Timesheets or Time Tracker

So which one should you choose? Here’s a quick breakdown of the two products.

Time Tracker

Time Tracker is a lightweight add-on that fulfills a few core needs for time tracking. The configuration is quick and easy. Its highly customizable reports generate helpful insights into time tracking data. It has a useful real-time tracker. Its gadgets are also very handy. 

Essentially, Time Tracker offers basic features, as it uses the time tracking data directly from Jira, at a really low price. If you’re not looking for extras and don’t need to manipulate time entries in sophisticated ways, this is a good option for you. Since Time Tracker doesn’t have an approvals function, it is well-suited to small to medium organizations, or teams within larger organizations that have basic time tracking needs. When fewer employees are tracking time, there may be less need for oversight. 

As another example, if you have a legal obligation to track time, but don’t need to manipulate the data very much, this solution is also the way to go. If you’re looking for straightforward insights into how long a project will take, or how many hours a particular user has logged, Time Tracker gets the job done - but don’t expect advanced insights. 

Here’s a summary of the available reports:

Time Report

The Time Report provides details to analyze users workload by displaying summaries of worked hours in Jira. Extensive configuration options are available including filter, group by field and additional Jira fields. 

Project Pivot Report

The Project Pivot Report displays a summary of worked hours in a project of a certain period. It provides insights into all Jira issues with the ability to pivot the data to see all user's complete work in columns. 

Time Tracking Report

The Time Tracking Report gives an indication of how the project is progressing by showing estimates and actual time. Plus, it extends the Jira native time tracking report with the option to group by issue field or project.

Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets has been #1 Jira App to report project health, billable hours & capacity since 2010. Timesheets has all the extras to make your time tracking experience as easy and rewarding as possible. It can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go, whether you need to bill clients, get insights, or track capitalized and operational expenses. It costs a little extra, but you get a lot in return.

Some of the associated features of Tempo Timesheets that separate it from Time Tracker include automation, Accounts, Timesheet Approvals, and to top it all off, as many as 10 different ways to track time.

Here’s a breakdown of those features:

  1. Powered Automation: Tempo’s Activity Feed monitors your activity in a range of places

    from Jira, Slack to VS Code, Github, to your Google or Microsoft 365 calendar – and provides you with smart recommendations that are getting even smarter with AI about where you've spent your time. Learn more 

  2. Accounts: Accounts are used to track time across multiple teams and multiple projects. They are a powerful tool for organizing the wealth of information generated by Tempo. Without Accounts, time tracking data can be difficult to interpret or use effectively. Read more

  3. Timesheet Approvals: By turning on Tempo’s timesheet approvals, you enable users to send their worklogs to their supervisors for approval. With this feature, you ensure users are spending their valuable time on the right tasks and that they’re entering their time properly for customer billing and/or payroll purposes.  

  4. 10 different ways to log time: From using the calendar integration to the automated tracker, there’s more than one way to log time in Tempo Timesheets. Watch video

One last thing to mention about Timesheets is how Tempo’s Capacity Planner and Financial Manager products integrate seamlessly with Timesheets to help you make the most of your time data. Planner offers team capacity and resource planning, and with Financial Manager, you can harness accurate, real-time work log data to create clear and simple views of project and portfolio financial health at every level.