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Capacity Planner for Jira: Your ultimate tool for resource planning

Learn how the Capacity Planner for Jira plugin can automate and optimize your project management and planning.
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When a surgeon plans an operation, they draw upon an extensive study of anatomy. They may reference X-rays, textbooks, and even 3D models before making the first incision. The procedure might go faster if they skipped these steps, but it certainly wouldn’t go smoother.

This same philosophy can be applied to project management. Planning and critical analysis are critical when tackling your business’s significant projects.

Fortunately, Jira software provides thorough task and issue-tracking capabilities to help you. When you add the innovative features found in Capacity Planner to Jira, you get a dynamic, comprehensive, and scalable system.

What is Capacity Planner for Jira?

Tempo’s Capacity Planner is a powerful plugin for automating and managing team resources. This agile planning tool streamlines project management within Atlassian’s Jira ecosystem. Jira, a web-based solution initially designed for software development, is now used by major companies worldwide.

Capacity Planner: All the features

Tempo enhances Jira Cloud with features like:

  • Resource planning: Save money and time with optimized resource management. Assign tasks based on team members’ availability and skills to better allocate resources. 

  • Capacity planning: The capacity report lets you compare team workload against project requirements to avoid burnout. You can schedule teams, assign projects, make tickets, and assign tasks to the most suited individuals.

  • Timeline visualization: Planning for capacity requires a big-picture view. Understand project dependencies at a glance with a timeline of projects and tasks.

  • Real-time insight: Capacity Planner provides up-to-date overviews that help you allocate resources methodically and optimally as new information becomes available.

  • Manage team backlogs more smoothly: Take a broad view for general roadmap planning, then zoom in on the details that need delegation. Develop more robust plans, better-connected teams, and increased insight into project health. 

  • Integration with Jira: Capacity Planner natively integrates into the Jira interface as part of the Atlassian suite.

The benefits of Tempo’s Capacity Planner

People repeat the mistakes they forget and cannot accurately plan for what they haven’t tracked. That’s why careful analysis is crucial for anyone aiming to optimize their team’s performance. 

Your team can learn more easily from past experiences when they’re recorded in a centralized and accessible hub. Tempo offers a dynamic planning and tracking add-on for Jira that will keep your business on the right path as it grows.

Capacity Planner is helpful for all sorts of tasks, such as:

  • Planning your time around Jira projects and issues

  • Creating recurring plans

  • Effectively managing your backlog

  • Displaying Google and Microsoft 365 calendar events

  • Configuring holidays and workloads

  • Gathering high-level views as well as detailed insights

  • Viewing real-time project health statuses

  • Filtering and saving Resource Planning views

  • Approving plan workflows

  • Requesting time from other teams

  • Collaborating with distributed teams

  • Reporting planned versus actual time with Tempo’s Timesheets

With a quality Jira planner, you can seamlessly track employee hours, make plans, view actionable data, and effortlessly schedule workers across remote locations. 

You can also boost project portfolio management (PPM) in Jira by integrating Tempo’s Timesheets and Financial Manager. They’re built to help you stay agile, optimize workflows, and remove bottlenecks in your portfolio.

Combining the power of Tempo’s Timesheets and Capacity Planner

Tempo’s Timesheets and Capacity Planner work together to streamline Jira. No more relying on clunky, imprecise solutions like spreadsheet documents for timesheets – Tempo automates work, so you can minimize time spent reporting and reduce the chances for errors.

Combine Tempo’s best-in-class tools, and you’ll optimize the following functions:

  • Prioritizing and scheduling tasks: Tempo Timesheets help organize your day by tracking activities you’ve done before. It gives you a clear idea of how long they might take in the future and when to schedule them (e.g., meetings might be more productive after lunch).

  • Assessing performance: Combining Timesheets and Planner gives you access to the “Planned vs. Actual” report. It compares the ideal to reality – your plan versus the results – by comparing the time you allotted for a task against the time it took. Planned vs. Actual reports enable more accurate estimates of your resources going forward.

  • Meeting deadlines: Tempo’s Timesheets helps you assess project health by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like task completion rates and overall project efficiency. Extensions like Structure.Gantt offer insights that help you anticipate issues (e.g., overbooking a critical testing resource) before they arise so you can take small corrective actions (e.g., staggering tests in batches) rather than more disruptive measures further down the line.

  • Timekeeping: Timesheets provides reports on teams, projects, accounts, and more while accounting for team member hours and PTO. Accurate timekeeping reduces unexpected crunch times.

  • Tracking resources: Track project expenses, including employees’ time, for a straightforward outline of true costs. Employees can track their own time, reducing friction in data reporting and providing a steady stream of precise info. 

  • Adapting to unforeseen circumstances: Planning views can help you make more informed decisions by providing simulated scenarios that compare various timelines and resource allocations.

  • Increasing efficiency: With features like AI time tracking recommendations, detailed timesheet reports, work logs, cost analysis, and custom reporting, Timesheets improves productivity by giving you more data while minimizing hours spent on manual tracking processes.

All these improvements add up to increased value for your customers and organization. 

Tempo provides unique solutions for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale companies. We offer pricing flexibility to cover organizations of every size and need, from small teams to global corporations.

In addition, Tempo integrates with platforms you already use, like Google and Slack, so you can keep using the tools your employees are familiar with and avoid the confusion and pressure that comes with learning a new system.

Improve your Jira experience with Capacity Planner

Jira is one of the world’s most widely used project management tools, and for good reason. It’s excellent at organizing projects and is tremendously flexible and customizable. But Tempo lets you get even more out of this powerful tool.

Whether you’re chasing five-year goals or rapid-fire sprint planning, Capacity Planner and Timesheets help you make small improvements that add up to major changes. Capacity Planner provides more robust planning, better forecasts, and clearer reports. Timesheets improves your ability to record time worked, analyze it, and plan for the future. Your team can focus on more impactful initiatives, leading to increased productivity and more accurate cost estimates with each project.

When Tempo and Jira work together, you can prioritize your initiatives, gain a better sense of project complexity, optimize your time and resources, and meet your deadlines with confidence. Start a free trial today to see if Capacity Planner is the perfect solution for you.