Easier Reporting: combine Tempo Timesheets with Epic Sum Up for Jira

Epic sum up and tempo timesheets



This is a guest post by Andreas Haaken, CEO of APTIS. 

Getting everyone to log time can be a challenge wherever you are, and any help is appreciated. The next step is harnessing all that time tracking to reach business goals.

So what if your project managers and executives were able to better use existing time reporting to save the company money?

This is what companies like Origo in Iceland have done by combining Tempo Timesheets with the app Epic Sum Up, which is an app on the Atlassian Marketplace from top vendor APTIS, based in Germany.

Epic Sum Up for overview and Tempo Timesheets for time reports

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Epic Sum Up adds progress bars. This makes it easier to see time related to budget in real time from everywhere including agile boards, dashboards, and issue navigator.

See logged time vs. budget from anywhere, with no need to open reports. Think of it as a series of progress bars that Epic Sum Up adds across Jira.

For Origo, Epic Sum Up changed the way teams documented hours and reduced changes during a project. The result is greater accuracy in estimation and project budgeting.

Epic Sum Up gives you the overview you need to understand your worklogs and then in one click you can get to the powerful Tempo Timesheets reports.

How Epic Sum Up supports Tempo Timesheets

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Seeing what is happening in an epic, container or project in real-time in one view speeds up how you react to changes in time reporting and estimation

Epic Sum Up defines the context with overviews anyone on your team can understand, then when the time is right in one click you get to the powerful reports you love with Tempo Timesheets.

No configuration is required. Epic Sum Up adds a real-time overview of everything in an epic, container or project without having to immediately go into reports.

Installing Epic Sum Up allows you to get from the overview of an epic to Tempo reports without having to manually adjust the filter each time. This saves time and avoids manual errors.

One Click to Tempo Reports: Epic Sum Up - Tempo Timesheets Integration

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Now you can get to your Tempo Timesheet in one click inside Epic Sum Up.

Wherever you see the Tempo logo just click and instantly you open the Tempo reports for that epic, container or project.

Click and arrive on a report with pre-defined list view of the Tempo Timesheet report and timeframe so that every worklog in your project is included.

What Else Can You Do With Epic Sum Up?

Ipad Dashboard

Display as progress bars

- story points, completed issues, time budget, time spent, status category, revenue, attachments, comments or any custom value.

Stop missing important information buried inside an epic or container

- see an overview of the summarized hierarchy from boards, issue view, issue navigator or dashboards

Reports Inside the Issue

- no need to create reports for everything

- with custom fields you can see progress as part of the issue (this feature is in development for Cloud)

Containers (Server & Data Center only)

- build more detailed issue structures with ease like container in container

- container function that works similar to an epic, use your own issue types to work like epics

Want to Learn More About Epic Sum Up?

To get a free evaluation visit the Epic Sum Up Atlassian Marketplace page. To learn more, visit epicsumup.com.

Or email Aptis directly, we initially built the app to solve a problem we were having.

Want to learn more? Register for a webinar on Epic Sum Up on September 9, 2020. 

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