Logging time with Timesheets is now almost 50% faster, thanks to AI


In this economic environment, every single business move is under a microscope. You need to make smart decisions, backed by data – including a complete view of how resources are being allocated, where they’re actually being used, and how capacity might be better utilized elsewhere. 

But all this relies on a foundation of one thing: Your teams accurately recording how they spend their time. And as we all know, that’s easier said than done.

Even with a great timekeeping app, recording your hours seems like a chore. Trying to recall how you spent your time, trawling Jira to find the associated tickets – plenty of employees simply don’t bother logging accurately, or logging at all. So how do we fix this?

Well, after two years of R&D, Tempo has the answer: AI-powered Timesheets. Today, Tempo is excited to share how Timesheets is using artificial intelligence (AI) to give business leaders unparalleled visibility into their organization, improving efficiency, resourcing, and alignment. Built off the world's most robust dataset of product and development team project times, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the time and energy used to fill in timesheets.

This update is a significant stride on our journey towards complete time awareness. As the most-used time-tracking app for developers in the world, and now the first Atlassian app to leverage AI, we’re proud to continue to innovate in this space, and make time-tracking faster, easier, and more efficient for teams like yours.


You can now track time in half the time

In order to increase user adoption of Timesheets, we needed to make it as easy as possible for users to find the right issue to log time against. Less friction means more adoption, and more adoption means better visibility for management. This is where AI comes in.

AI capabilities were soft launched in January 2023, and the results of this initial run have been incredible. Seventy-five percent of customers have used AI suggestions since launch, and users log time close to 50 percent faster. 

As of now, AI capabilities are enabled across all users, bringing this new and frictionless time-tracking experience to everyone. 


Getting real: Why tracking time matters

Fans of Timesheets know the importance of time tracking. They’re able to make informed decisions about existing and upcoming workstreams because they have the data. The addition of AI means more user adoption, less wasted time – and most importantly, better overall data about time usage throughout your organization.

Why is this important? Making decisions about business priorities without time-tracking data is like trying to hit a moving target while blindfolded.

A vital step in the capacity-planning process is calculating your team’s current capacity. Without time awareness it’s guesswork. You don’t need a detailed breakdown into 15-minute increments, but a broad view, based on the majority of your workforce? That’s a planning superpower.

With better time-tracking data, here's what you stand to gain:

  • Resource allocation wizardry: See who's doing what and when. No more guesswork, just straight-up efficient and effective deployment of your teams.
  • Better project performance monitoring: Be proactive rather than reactive. Pinpoint potential bottlenecks before they snowball into larger issues. 
  • Risk management: Identify risks early and minimize their impacts to your projects and people. This way, you're not just managing risks, you're developing resilience.
  • The right results, faster: Deliver not just swiftly, but with precision and purpose, ensuring the end result matches the original vision and satisfies the needs of the end user.

What’s more, you can supercharge your time-tracking capabilities by adding in Structure by Tempo for better project planning, and Cost Tracker by Tempo to support your budgeting needs. 


The secret sauce: How it works

As a company, we've made significant investments in automation and integrations for Timesheets. The #1 time-tracking app for Jira supports the most popular work apps, including editors from JetBrains and Microsoft, and both Google and O365 calendars. This provides Timesheets the largest time-tracking dataset available for AI models to train on, with more than 17 million worklogs and around 300,000 active users per month.

These integrations help make the recommendations for each user even better. Using this data, we were able to gain an understanding of work habits and how people allocate their time, and pioneer a new AI model for Timesheets customers.

The end result? Better suggestions and, with more adoption, a broader view of capacity. Your teams will see a mix of suggestions which includes these intelligent suggestions, powered by predictive algorithms. Users can see them identified by a lightning bolt icon.


They can still manually search for different issues against which to log their time, but the suggestions speed the whole process up. With these suggestions you’ll likely see a marked improvement in your reporting.

Time to take charge: Your next steps

Timesheets with our innovative AI functionality isn't just another update, it's a revolution in the way time tracking gets done. Increasing the speed of logging will improve employee adoption and lead to better overall organizational time awareness. 

It's not about filling in boxes or dealing with an annoying task. It's about empowering your team to own their time, and empowering you to lead with a clear view of capacity across your entire portfolio. With faster, more efficient time logging, we’re giving you back control and clarity – and we're just getting started.

This isn't just a step forward, it's a leap. But remember, technology can only do so much – it's what you do with it that truly counts. So step up, take the reins, and start experiencing the powerful difference accurate time tracking can make. Get ready to turbocharge your projects, smash your goals, and redefine what's possible with Timesheets.

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