Sprint and Release Planning With Tempo Planner

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With Tempo Planner’s seamless integration with JIRA and JIRA Agile, you can move beyond spreadsheets and sticky notes, flexibly managing your sprints, backlogs, releases, and even long-term roadmaps with ease. Tempo Planner helps you:

  • Plan for your people, teams, projects, and programs
  • Keep track of your iterations, stories, tasks, and defects
  • Manage your backlog for better performance and delegation
  • Perform high-level and granular capacity planning for releases and roadmaps
  • Visualize your plan health status
  • Teach and reinforce Agile concepts

Plan and report flexibly

Plan work for your people, teams, projects, and programs directly on Tempo’s Planner Timeline with easy drag-and-drop features and other direct on-screen interactions. Plan and report on projects by the capacity, utilization, project, and specialties of your employees. Add plan items to track statuses, update tasks, and work with your team.


Visualize plans in real-time

Quickly visualize the capacity and availability of your teams and individual team members in one centralized space. Tempo’s Planner Timeline allows you to take into account vacations, holidays, and flexible employee working hours, keeping everyone on the same page.

Manage your iterations with one click

Easily plan iterations for your team and see how possible changes in scope, schedule, and team member size affect your plans going forward. Tempo Planner’s Team Timeline displays a visual line-up of all of your sprints and your team’s capacity. Expand sprint items on the Planner Timeline to display detailed information regarding work items and sub-items. Manage assignments within your iterations based on team member capacity, ensuring a balanced workload of your team.

Plan and add stories to your iterations

Drag stories and tasks from your backlog into your iterations. View color-coded resource indicators that display how much capacity remains within each iteration. Split and delete plan items with one click. Create recurring items for longer-term planning.

Prioritize your backlog

Release planning is easy with Tempo Planner. Create your backlog by adding stories or defects with one click. Edit them easily in place and prioritize with drag-and-drop options.

Tempo Planner Program Backlog

Track plan health on the fly

Know what's happening with your projects, no matter where you are in the world. View the status of each program, project, story, and task, what is still to be completed, and whether anything is blocked. Customize your view by team, project, agile board, filter, or timeframe, depending on your planning focus. Use Tempo Planner’s Team Capacity Report for quick visual assessments of team capacity calculations.


Manage your long-term roadmaps

Tempo Planner lets you quickly visualize your scheduled projects and team member availability for longer-term roadmap planning.  Gain peace of mind with easy-to-use functionality and less reliance on spreadsheets and other data-crunching platforms. Get the big picture (and the details) with Tempo’s reliable data for informed, confident decision making.


Integrate with Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books

Maximize the return on your investments with the value added of time and budget management. Add Tempo Timesheets and track your team’s time for billing, internal salary calculations, and measuring capitalization. Use Tempo Planner with Tempo Books to manage costs and expenses associated with your projects and releases for future planning needs.

Integrate with other business applications

Use Tempo Planner’s API and integrate with your favorite (or even custom-made) business applications for boundless solutions.

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