Product Update - New Features in Planner by Tempo

Planner by Tempo has added new features including an improved Capacity Report UI and Team Scoped User Plans.

Having visibility into the availability of your team members is critical in the success of project planning. When managers have a clear overview of who's available, they can plan projects with confidence. With the improved Capacity Report UI (now accessed through Resource Planning), users will be able to view how much of an individual's time is accounted for as well as how much time is available for other tasks.

Legacy Capacity Report - Planner

Managing the work of individuals that are shared across multiple teams and projects is a delicate balance and can be challenging without the proper tools. With the new Team Scoped User Plan feature, a team lead can create a plan for a team member scoped for a specific team.

Team Scoped User Plans - Planner

Should you have any feedback on these new features, we encourage you to reach out to us via our TempoLab Slack channel.

If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve our solutions, submitting to our idea portal is the best way to get the appropriate visibility. 

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