Our 2023 Roadmap

Learn more about what our teams are actively working on and some of the upcoming features you and your team will see from Tempo.

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This roadmap reflects our best estimate for feature development, but it may be subject to change.

  • Performance, quality, and security always take priority over releasing new features.
  • This roadmap only lists new, major solution enhancements – we will also continue to work on improvements to performance, security, and existing features, as well as implementing new minor features.
  • As we discover new ways to solve customer problems through integrations between our products, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to existing or upcoming features.
  • All roadmap items are for our Cloud solutions unless otherwise noted by having ‘Data Center’ appended to the item title.
  • Roadmap items for Budgets by Tempo and Timesheet Reports & Gadgets will be published during the Q2 timeframe.