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Team 24: The start of a whole new rhythm for Tempo

A sneak peek at all the developments happening in our industry and a glimpse at the future of the entire Atlassian ecosystem
From Team '23

Tempo Team

The biggest Atlassian event of the year has just come to a close and it was, as ever, a genuine joy to get a sneak peek of all the developments happening in our industry and to see the future of Jira, Confluence, and the entire Atlassian ecosystem.

We had a silent disco, a playlist packed with talks, and an array of goodies from a bluetooth speaker to tote bags for everyone who came to have a chat with us. We even had ourselves a raffle for an Airbnb voucher that was won by Bouyoung You – wishing them all the best on their next trip!

Our booth team had a fantastic time meeting people in the community and getting a chance to show off some of the new things that Tempo is bringing to the table this year. You might have noticed a little change right away - we’ve got an entirely new look to all things Tempo to match our new approach to helping your teams achieve more.

We debuted the “new” Tempo - combining all of the solutions we’ve developed or joined forces with over the years to create the total toolkit for project precision, ensuring everything is conducted on time, within budget, and with finesse.

However, it wasn’t just a full makeover, updated website, and inflatable guitar that we brought to Team ‘24 - we also brought an announcement of something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for years: Capacity Insights.

It utilizes adaptive learning to record and assess the effort your team is spending on initiatives and associated investments. Once it has that info, it gives you information on what could be changed or removed, if you are staying aligned with your overall objectives, and helps with your capacity planning.

If you are interested in getting involved at the forefront of Jira software development and workplace technology, please sign up for the beta for Capacity Insights to help us shape this tool to be as useful as possible for you.

We also wanted to give special thanks to everyone who attended our talk on “Making Data-Driven Decisions with Tempo”. If you didn’t get the time to catch it, or if you want to learn how the new Tempo can help your teams do more with their data, you can watch the recording over on our Youtube (along with other webinars!).

We also hosted a little something of our own - Tempo’s Partner of the Year awards! We had 12 different categories this year and dozens of new ones to celebrate all the fantastic work that has happened between Tempo and our community this year. If you want to see a breakdown of all the winners, you can read all about it in this blog

Thanks again to everyone who spoke to at Team 24, to our excellent partners and comrades who staged some fascinating talks on the state (and future) of our industry, and our hosts Atlassian who put in genuinely (and somewhat appropriately) Atlas-levels of effort to make all this happen. 

We’re excited to carry on the conversation with everyone who attended, and to share all of these announcements with everyone else. Take a look at the new Tempo.io. for more.

Until next year!