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Meet the new Tempo: An integrated modular platform of PPM tools for all (with a shiny new look)

Welcome to a new chapter in Tempo’s journey
From Team '23

Tempo Team

For many years, the Tempo name stood for one thing: The #1 time tracking app for Jira – Timesheets.

Then, as new investments meant we could build out Tempo’s offering, we acquired some of the leading PPM apps available. In recent years these include Roadmunk, ALM Works, LiquidPlanner, Folio, Old Street Solutions, and Alpha Serve. 

The focus of the team in recent months has been to integrate these solutions and make it easier to understand the benefits that using multiple ‘modules’ brings to your business. This, combined with the huge strides we’ve made in transforming Tempo to be cloud first, with enterprise grade security and compliance, means we’ve outgrown the old brand.

So today marks a pivotal moment in our evolution. We are launching a new integrated platform – a unified experience that makes it easier to keep your projects on track, on time, and on budget. 

In this blog we want to quickly run through what’s changed with the platform, the brand, and the website. Like all great tech teams, we’re still building and would love your feedback as we continue to evolve the business to better serve you and your teams.

The Tempo platform: Modular, flexible, scalable 

With the new Tempo platform, we've reimagined project and portfolio management (PPM) by offering a modular, flexible, and scalable solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. 

Modularity lies at the heart of our platform, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Tempo’s tools, to supercharge Jira or other parts of your stack. Whether you're managing time tracking, resource allocation, budgeting, or strategic planning, this modular approach empowers you to build a solution that fits the way your teams want to work.

Flexibility is another cornerstone of the Tempo platform, enabling you to adapt and respond quickly to changing business dynamics. With a wide range of customizable features and configurations, you have the freedom to tailor the platform to suit your specific use cases and preferences. 

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Tempo can scale effortlessly to meet your growing needs, ensuring that you always have the right tools at your disposal to drive success.

Scalability is essential for businesses looking to thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive landscape. As your organization expands and evolves, the Tempo platform grows with you, providing the scalability and performance you need to support your increasing workload and user base. Whether you're managing a handful of projects or a vast portfolio of initiatives, our platform can handle it all with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most – achieving your business goals.

In today's hyper-connected and rapidly changing world, traditional approaches to project and portfolio management no longer suffice. That's why Tempo's new integrated platform is the right option for modern PPM. With its modular architecture, flexible design, and scalable infrastructure, the Tempo platform empowers businesses to adapt, innovate, and succeed.

Together, even more powerful

Modular tools are ideal to integrate with your existing stack, but what about if you want a whole solution that's tried and tested for a specific use case?

Tempo’s platform includes solutions for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), IT Service Management (ITSM), and Professional Services Automation (PSA), and more. By integrating these powerful tools into a unified platform, Tempo makes it even easier for teams in these areas to get started, and see the benefits.

Introducing Capacity Insights: An AI addition to the Tempo platform

Those who caught our press release would’ve seen that, in addition to the platform/brand launch, we also unveiled a new beta for Capacity Insights, an exciting new innovation. Available in beta today, Capacity Insights leverages AI and machine learning to enable customers to make faster, more informed business decisions. These innovations support Tempo’s mission to enable flexibility and alignment for businesses of all sizes.

We’ll cover this more in a future update so stay tuned. 

Breaking down the brand and website

We know change can be daunting, so we want to reassure you that while our look may be new, under the hood it's the same tools you know and love, and our commitment to quality and service remains unchanged. This rebrand is all about making things easier and more cohesive for you – our valued customers and partners.

In real terms this means simpler product names, consistent product logos, and more of a focus on solutions on the website. All products across the Tempo platform are now better represented on the new look Tempo.io.

Over the coming months we’ll be deprecating product focused sites so you’ll have everything you need in one place. Some product level support content will remain as we explore the best way to merge with the Tempo Help Center.

A new look for our product lineup

A common phrase we hear (sadly) at events and meetings is “oh, you’re the team that makes Structure/ Roadmunk/ Timesheets too”, so one thing we had to address with the new brand is a way to visually showcase all of the amazing products under the Tempo umbrella.

Every product now has a new logo and will be easily recognisable in any marketplace, thanks to the brand colors. You’ll note that some have new names too – this is part of a concerted effort to simplify our product offering with no-nonsense names, clearly explaining what each product does and how it will support your business.

Here’s a breakdown of the main product changes. You can see all of Tempo’s products at tempo.io/products

Strategic Roadmaps (formerly Roadmunk)

Create organization-wide alignment with roadmaps that coordinate with all your stakeholders. Capture feedback, prioritize ideas and direct the roadmap to hit wider business goals. Easily connect day-to-day planning with high-level strategy with both timeline and swimlane views.

Structure PPM

Connect work across multiple teams, projects, or service queues in one view. With powerful data aggregation and custom formulas, easily group, filter, and prioritize issues by any criteria. Build reports and dashboards with information that you couldn’t get from Jira alone.

Capacity Planner (formerly Planner)

Ensure your teams and team members have the capacity and proper skills to complete work in a designated time frame. Allocate shared resources more effectively.

Financial Manager (formerly Cost Tracker)

Harness accurate, real-time work log data from Tempo Timesheets to better understand the cost of incidents and financial implications of different types of service requests. Add monetary success metrics to assign work to view budgets, costs, revenue, status, and scope of projects and portfolios.

Portfolio Manager (formerly LiquidPlanner)

The only project management software that predicts start and finish dates with 90% confidence. Control org-wide project risk, deliver on time, and turn uncertainty into certainty. Absorb changes instantly, deliver on projects every time, and hit business goals with Portfolio Manager.

Custom Charts

Fully customizable Jira dashboard reports and Confluence reporting macros. Create and share service management, agile, or project dashboards to track real-time metrics like time in status, ticket priority, SLAs, Created vs. Resolved, CSAT, and more.


Understand and manage an organization's time to keep people and teams focused. Resolve time inefficiencies, gain visibility, and enhance accountability across teams.

We welcome your feedback

Tempo’s evolution so far has been solely driven by the needs of our customers. We’re proud to serve one in three of the Fortune 500, as well as the teams of one. As we look forward to a bright future, continuing to solve the toughest challenges around product and portfolio management, we want to ensure we’re staying true to what you need for your business. 

So come and see us at an event, join us on a webinar, or follow us on LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you.