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Time Tracking by Tempo

A smart add-on for Zendesk

Tempo brings a new way to track time embedded in the customer experience

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Time Tracking by Tempo
zendesk ticket

Simplify time tracking

  • Tempo is integrated into Zendesk so agents can focus on their work and not their timesheets.
  • Automated suggestions make tracking time smart and effortless.
  • A convenient Google Calendar integration makes it easy to view calendar events and log time.
Zendesk Agent Report

See your team’s effort

  • View the work hours performed by agents.
  • Easily customize reports with different data and time periods to view exactly the information you need.
  • Build a library of saved reports using fixed or dynamic time periods and get up-to-date results in an instant.
Zendesk Agent Report

See why 20,000 companies use Tempo

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Zendesk Day View

Track time in many ways

  • Log time using automated suggestions.
  • Log time directly from a ticket.
  • Log time from My Work, your home base in Zendesk.
  • Log time with the Google Calendar integration.
Zendesk KPI

Keep an eye on your KPIs

  • Monitor your KPIs and service commitments to improve efficiency and opportunities.
  • Know where your team is spending their time and where there is room for improvement.
Zendesk KPI
Zendesk Billable Report

Get the insights you need

  • Report on time spent by categories, such as billable, to support customer invoicing.
  • Export reports for further processing.
  • See when customers have reached the maximum number of support hours included in their contract.
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Get started with Tempo

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