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Workers tracking their project costs with Tempo

Track costs with ease

Gain insights on your basic project cost quickly by defining your scope, selecting a team and determining the duration of the project or use the preset time frame from Tempo Timesheets data.  

View the entire financial picture at a glance

Monitor the status of your projects’ health to ensure that your team's efforts are carried out efficiently with regards to cost in addition to time. 


Users like you, who use Tempo to track time and cost

  • Alex Adland Business Systems Manager of OLM systems Limited

    “ Cost Tracker is a great addition to the Tempo cloud product suite, it has fast become one of our most used Jira add-ons. Easy to configure and easy to use, a winner all round. ”

  • Nate Dame CEO of Profound Strategy

    “ We have some unique challenges that have made budgeting a challenge in the past. As an agency with long-term contracts that are customized each month, we needed a tool that was both flexible and simple, while working seamlessly with Jira data. Cost Tracker fit the bill perfectly, giving us the flexibility, control, insights, and quick access to budget data we needed. ”

Monitoring your budget

Group related issues together

Organize your scope into groups for a higher level view of actual cost and time spent that reflects certain initiatives. Each group displays the total number of issues, as well as the cumulative cost and time spent.

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