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Easy ways to track time

Track time on mobile

Convert events from your calendar (Google & Office 365) into work logs with a tap.

Launch time trackers

Users can launch a time tracker while they work in Jira and quickly convert it into a worklog.

Integrate with Slack

Log work and submit timesheets directly from Slack.

Track time on mobile Launch time trackers Tempo in Slack preview

Use accounts to categorize work as CAPEX or OPEX

Create accounts and identify them as CAPEX or OPEX. Link accounts to issues. That way, all the work logged on those issues is automatically categorized.

Accounts can also be linked on a project basis. For instance, a CAPEX account can be added to all development projects.

Overview of accounts that can be used to categorize work

Tempo is a critical tool to measure R&D and request government grants, adding millions of euros to our bottom line.

Julien Benzimra
Projects Director of Qualtera

Review and approve time entries for more accuracy

Enable managers to review and approve their team's timesheets, in bulk or individually. This adds an additional layer of managerial oversight which helps generate verified information to reduce billing errors and drive customer satisfaction.

Approval logs are kept for transparency and traceability.

Overview of submitted timesheets that managers can review and approve

Access granular information and build reports in seconds

Timesheets lets you see time logged for issues, projects, teams, users, accounts or even custom Jira filters. Define a time period and drill down on elements of your choosing to get a granular view.

Reports can be saved and exported as XLS, CSV and PDF.

Overview of hours logged by employees, teams and projects.

We saved over $500,000 after implementing Tempo Timesheets last year. What’s more, employees are more efficient in their jobs.

Mike Waldron
Director, Software Quality Control of Starz

Easily create financial plans for your projects

Define the scope and schedule of your project in a few clicks.

For each project you can track costs, revenue and profitability. In addition, Tempo Budgets is the only Jira app that has an EVM option.

Financial plan in Jira for a project where cost, revenue and Earned Value Management are used.

Access realtime reports in no time

Access all of your financial information through an extensive set of customizable reports available in realtime.

Reports can be exported as XLS, CSV and PDF.

Real-time report of planned and actual costs, as well as revenue.


Customers in over 100 countries. Trusted by 120 of Global 500.

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*Your tempo license size must match your Jira license size. A user is anyone who can log into Jira.


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Tempo offers open APIs that you can integrate with


Integrate Tempo seamlessly with your other tools

Drive more integration and automation between Jira, Tempo and your ecosystem of solutions.

Our open APIs give you access to key Tempo functionalities.

Users like you, who use Tempo for (CAPEX) accounting

  •     Jo-André Lia

    “ Our company looked for a system to track time in Jira so that our employees didn't have to track time twice. Once on tickets in Jira and once in an accounting software. The most important part that we use a lot is the time sheet and the approval process. ”

  •     IT Ops

    “ A couple hundred employees worldwide use the Tempo Timesheets Jira plugin on a daily basis for tracking time spent on variations of granularities. It’s a more than handy tool to track costs - i.e. “who spent development time on what” - so that a range of people like product owners, project managers and department directors significantly benefit from having these numbers collected. ”

  •     IT Department

    “ We are using Tempo Timesheets for over 2 years now in our IT-development team. We use it to estimate development costs for IT-projects. We create Accounts in Tempo which align with our development projects and link them to the existing issues in Jira. Each month, we pull reports from Tempo stating the spent hours and therefore the costs on each development project. ”

  •     Daniel Menard

    “ We've been using Tempo for the last 4 years to manage timesheets in our organization. It works really well and allows us to connect timesheets directly to tasks our employees are doing. By creating some "catch-all" tasks on our projects, we've also been able to use it for general time-tracking. The reporting makes year-ends fairly simple: we can extract all the data and send it to the accountant for processing. ”

  •     April Crossland

    “ Great product for our company. It made a new requirement at the start of 2017 for all employees in IT (Services and App Dev) to enter time each week less painful for our employees. In addition, it allowed us to easily implement the approval process and locking approved timesheets which was required for audit purposes from our Finance group. ”

  •     Michael Rainwater

    “ I just turned in our monthly accounting report again today. This used to take me a whole day every month to compile the report and format it just right for accounting. But, I've been using Tempo for over a year and those days are long past. I completed the report in under 30 minutes - and that's only because I choose to review time entry very carefully. Tempo lets me drill in, fix issues, and get the job done. ”

  •     Alexandra Grzesik

    “ Tempo is the best extension for Jira if you want to integrate time tracking and accounting into Jira. We looked for several years and even considered building it ourselves, as we really missed these features. If you want to track user worklogs in Jira, there is no way around Tempo. ”