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Enable financial forecasting with Planner and Cost Tracker by Tempo

From Team '23

Tempo Team

12 September 2023

Timesheets has strong integrations with each of its companion products - Capacity Planner and Financial Manager - that add value equaling greater than the sum of their parts. However, there haven't been any direct integrations between Planner and Financial Manager.

As of today, Sept. 12, 2023, users of both products are able to view plan data from Planner in Financial Manager projects. This enhancement means any current or future plans that are assigned to team members are accounted for when calculating the labor, cost and revenue of a project. The teams' time logs and their future planned time, complete the present costs and revenues up to the current date, and also provide future projections for the Financial Manager projects. Project Managers now have the necessary data to forecast future costs and revenues.

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