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Product News - Easily roll out Tempo Automation (Calendars & GitHub) across your organization to log time faster

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Tempo Timesheets is all about making time logging quick and accurate for its users. Once a Calendar, GitHub, and IDEs are connected to Tempo, Tempo Automation serves the activities in these apps as Suggestions Cards that can be logged in a single click.

Previously, users had to individually set up integrations with Tempo to receive the Suggestion Cards. This process was very inefficient and potentially required a large manual lift across the organization. Now, Tempo gives the Jira Admin the ability to turn on these integrations for GitHub and Calendars (Google or Office 365) for the entire organization - reducing the time to value for these automated suggestions.

Tempo then uses this data to create suggestions through which users can log time with a single click.

Below is an example of how to turn on this integration.

14 March 2024