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Product News - Lightning-Fast Logged Time Reports, Now with New 'Group by' Options

From Team '23

Tempo Team

1 December 2023

You asked and we delivered. :)

Tempo Reports in Timesheets now has new 'group by' options to increase the utility and performance of the Logged Time reports. These enhancements are especially valuable for those using Tempo Accounts to better manage their time-tracking data in addition to saving time and effort with manual exports.

We’ve introduced new options to group data in Logged Time reports in Timesheets for Jira Cloud:

  • Account category

  • Account status

  • Account lead

  • Account contact

  • Category type

  • Customer

  • Issue type

  • Team Lead

  • Programs

  • Program Manager

If you use Tempo Accounts, most of these options are for you. With these new options, you can skip the manual – and often double – work of exporting various raw data files, only to match them up in a separate spreadsheet. Now you can get these insights directly in Timesheets, and export them exactly as you need it for reporting.

Most of these fields are now available in the raw data export, which might impact your configuration. You can view the latest list of raw data exported fields here.

Talking about time-saving: We’ve also made significant performance improvements to our Logged Time reports – we hope you feel the difference.

These group by options have been heavily requested by users over the years. Thank you to those who have upvoted the various ideas on our Idea Portal and provided feedback via TempoLab!

If you don’t see the fields you’d like supported, let us know on our Idea Portal.

Interested in trialing new features before they become generally available? Become a member of our TempoLab.