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Product News - Github Suggestions in Timesheets by Tempo

From Team '23

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Developers who work in GitHub and log their time using Timesheets by Tempo on Jira Cloud can now log time faster with the new GitHub integration in Timesheets.

That means users can now receive suggestions based on their GitHub activities, similar to the integrations Timesheets has with JetBrains, VS Code, and Google and O365 Calendars.

How it works

Pull request reviews are often “lost time” since they don’t always reflect in the user’s timesheet. By integrating to GitHub and receiving webhooks for repository and pull request activities, Timesheets can make recommendations that increase accuracy and efficiency in logging time.

When you commit or checkout with Git, the Tempo time tracking extension posts an event to the Tempo API containing the current branch name and timestamp. If you commit files, a commit message is also posted.

This activity feed records the time you spend on coding activities and any changes made to files in your Git repositories, leading to better suggestions for logging time in Timesheets.

Developers that link their Tempo user to GitHub will immediately start receiving worklog recommendations based on their GitHub activities.

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17 August 2023