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How to make data-driven decisions in Jira: A guide for agile enterprises of all sizes

Understand how precise data combined with agile methodologies help organizations of any size make critical business decisions.
From Team '23

Tempo Team

This guide offers valuable insights and practical guidance for organizations seeking to harness the power of data-driven decision-making within the Atlassian ecosystem – ultimately leading to improved project outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Furthermore, the book provides specific examples of how Tempo's suite of apps, including Strategic Roadmaps, Structure PPM, Timesheets, Capacity Planner, Financial Manager, and Custom Charts, can be utilized to address common decision-making scenarios such as prioritization of work and resource allocation.

Empower your decision making with a data-driven approach and agile practices.

What's in the guide?

Regular reporting patterns

How to implement regular and consistent reporting across all teams within your organization.

Unified tool adoption

We explore why standardizing tools across departments pave the way for more effective collaboration and decision-making.

Data analysis tools

Why investment in the right data analytics tools is crucial for business growth.

Resource allocation optimization

How to take proactive steps to optimize resource allocation within your scaling business.

  • Data quality and consistency

  • Integration challenges across tools

  • Lack of visibility

  • Scalability of infrastructure

  • Data security and compliance

  • Access and governance