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How to create roadmaps worth following

Roadmapping is supposed to bring strategy and work together, telling teams, stakeholders, and executives not just what work is being done, but why it's being done.
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Every company has two things: A high-level strategy for where it wants to be, and teams on the ground doing the work needed to get there. For some companies, these two things exist in vacuums.

This guide helps bridge that gap, keeping your people aligned, motivated, and focused on the bigger picture with a roadmap that tells them how their goals and projects are contributing to the organization's success.

  • A framework for vision-making: How crafting a vision shapes your strategic plans.

  • Transforming your vision into action: A strategic roadmap should serve as both a visionary blueprint and a dynamic tool for operational execution.

  • Goals and goal getters: Balancing internal capabilities vs. future aspirations.

  • Communication, monitoring, and adaptation: How to effectively communicate your plans, track progress, and adapt quickly.