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Vector Media Group saves time with Jira time-tracking tools

It’s easy for them to plan their schedules and generate reports directly from Jira.
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New York-based Vector Media Group is a full-service interactive agency that designs, builds, and markets websites, mobile apps, and business-critical applications for both large and small clients.

Read on to discover how a major agency can benefit from greater control and understanding of their schedules and ticketing system with Tempo Timesheets.

Note: As of 2018, Vector Media Group operates under the name Happy Cog.

The challenge

Before adopting Timesheets, Vector Media Group had a variety of different methods for tracking employees’ schedules. For each of them, time was always logged in a separate system, while ticket information was kept solely in Jira.

Employees of Vector Media Group had to double-enter issues, which was time-consuming and subject to error. It was inconvenient and inefficient to have to manually copy information to a second location.

The solution

Today, Vector Media Group employees log their time with Tempo’s Jira time tracking software – Timesheets. It’s easy for them to plan their schedules and generate reports directly from Jira. There is no longer any need to copy information over; with Timesheets by Tempo, Jira issues are already directly synced.

“Tempo is great because it's integrated with the Jira tickets that employees work on,” said Matt Weinberg, co-Founder and partner, technology and development at Vector Media Group.

Jira time tracking software is also a significant part of Vector Media Group’s billing process. Most of the company’s projects are billed on an hourly basis and so there needs to be an accurate count of hours. The company needs to report on employee hours because that impacts how they estimate work during their business development process.

Finally, it's important for project managers to be able to report on budget progress. Jira time tracking software allows managers to match billing with specific users, projects, and advanced issue searches. 

The results

Logging work is easy with Timesheets. Now that Vector Media Group has Jira time tracking software, employees can focus on the work that adds value to their day. Users have access to a calendar where they can drag and drop issues to log work in seconds. Tempo lets you see time logged for issues, projects, teams, users, accounts or even custom Jira filters.

The project managers at Vector Media Group all appreciate the new Jira time tracking software from Tempo.

“Our project managers love using it,” said Weinberg. “They figured it out quickly.”

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