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How​ ​Noventum​ ​eliminated​ ​tedious​ ​tasks​ ​with​​ ​Timesheets​ by Tempo

Since implementing Timesheets, Noventum has eliminated any need for manual time calculation.
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Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Noventum is a information technology company specializing in custom software development. They create, modify and custom build software for almost any platform including web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Prior to to using Tempo's Jira time tracking software, Noventum was manually creating invoices for customers utilizing multiple Excel spreadsheets. This manual process was time consuming, error prone, and difficult to manage as data was coming from multiple sources.

Read on to discover how Jira’s #1 time-tracking app, Tempo Timesheets, entered the scene, cut out the boring tasks from their employees day-to-day, and saved the company thousands of dollars.


Brian Stinar, the CEO and co-founder of Noventum, would spend hours every month to generate reports from four different sources of time tracking data. As time passed, manually reconciling employee time and creating invoices became unscalable and tedious; more importantly, these tasks were costing the company precious time, money and resources.

He and his team decided to survey the market for a solution to their problem, they soon arrived at Tempo and found Timesheets.


Since implementing Timesheets, Noventum has eliminated any need for manual time calculation. Noventum uses Timesheets to report on all time spent at work for customer facing projects (billable hours) as well as internal projects (non-billable hours). With Timesheets, project reporting has been simplified. There is increased visibility into where resources are spending their time, what they are working on, and with real-time data available instantly – invoicing takes minutes instead of hours.

Noventum has further expedited project reporting by aggregating reports. They use one Jira project per line item in an invoice, this allows them to pull together reports based on specific line items per project and per customer. They have also written a simple Jira JQL query to further customize customer reporting.

With Timesheets, Stinar and his team finally know how exactly much to charge customers based on project reports. Timesheets also gives insight into how much internal projects cost, helping to decide if certain projects are worth the dollars being invested.


Using Tempo has allowed the Noventum team to spend around more time a month on billable work instead of doing manual time consuming calculations.

Stinar added: “Since implementing Tempo Timesheets we’ve been able to eliminate 25 hours a month of manual data, saving the company thousands of dollars.”

On the customer side they’ve also made big strides. Timesheets has proved extremely helpful, being able to immediately generate project reports for a customer whenever they want.

Noventum’s biggest customers now have direct access to their Jira instance. Because they encourage their team members to log their work daily, it allows the current cost of the project to be shared with customers. Customers love being able to generate reports in real-time and review the time spent on their projects themselves.

Using Timesheets to generate report by users, or by project, has saved the company valuable time on tasks such as invoicing and reporting.

Stinar said: “Tempo is a very useful piece of software, which is priced fairly, especially if you’re a small business”

Team members use the Tempo Tracker avidly, the tracker allows them to track time like a stopwatch. The trackers make sure that time tracked is as accurate as possible, generating accurate invoices and happy customers.