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Hove Medical leverages Jira Time Tracking Software from Tempo

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Who are they?

Specialising in state-of-the-art software solutions for the medical industry, Hove Medical was on a search for greater understanding of where their teams hours were going and simpler processes for employee requests.

Hove Medical, operating in Norway, had no proper tool in place to get an overview of their development costs. They couldn’t see what projects took the most amount of time and therefore couldn’t predict how long things would take in the future.

On top of that, they had no simple or transparent way for team leaders to see when employees were on leave or had sick time.

All of their work was being handled in Jira, and they were in real need to a simple time-tracking solution that could drop right into their existing workflow to make their lives easier and project management more effective.

They found one with Timesheets.

Time for greater things

After searching for an integrated solution and finding Timesheets, Hove Medical began the business of getting their employees work and time quickly tracked in Jira. They set up a series of common and personal personal tickets for employees to track their work, vacations, illnesses, paid or unpaid leave.

For the first time, they had an idea of where their working time was being spent so they could make decisions with the full picture of what was going on in their business.

Jo-André Lia, Hove Medical’s head of development, told Tempo that they also expanded Timesheet’s features by adding their own handling of overtime and flex hours. Flex hours are extra hours that employees can work and take off at a later time.

Using the approvals feature in Timesheets, all employees now plan time for non-working hours (e.g. vacation, sick leave, or other types of leave). All teams share these tickets, meaning there is uniform tracking across departments for just about everything they could want to track in the workplace.

A complete worklog system

Timesheets allowed Hove Medical to hit the ground running with time-tracking and logging as they already working in Jira. It dropped right in to their existing system of work and, with minimal setup, started generating the data and results they were looking for.

“We now have a complete worklog system that helps us track the time we spend,” explained Jo-André Lia, “The most important feature is the timesheet and the approval process."

Having a complete account of vacation time and overtime makes it easy for their payroll to track paid overtime and leave with a simple and transparent process. Using Tempo Timesheets, Hove Medical can now more accurately estimate the cost of development and leverage that in their financial reporting to set up new budgets. They can also estimate the cost of future projects with similar elements.

Hove Medical employees now have a system for their entire team to log their time and their team leads have increased transparency into how that time is spent. Decision making has improved, teams have greater visibility, and project costs can be understood better than ever before thanks to Timesheets.

If you want to see what Timesheets could do you your teams, take a look at this expert walkthrough.