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SPM boot camp: Stronger strategy, impactful insights, and efficient execution [recording]

Watch our latest Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) boot camp to learn how Tempo’s SPM toolkit can help you maintain sustainable and smart operations.
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Key Takeaways

This webinar series will cover multiple topics:

  • Cost tracking and reporting for PMOs and PMs

  • Roadmapping tips for connecting strategy to execution

  • Our latest software integration, which helps with enterprise-level shared capacity management across all your projects and workloads

Impactful strategy, greater alignment, speedy execution – buzzwords float around workplace dialogue frequently, but how can you make them an impactful reality in your day-to-day working life? 

Enhancing your strategic program cost insights with Tempo

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In this session, you’ll discover how Tempo products like Structure, Capacity Planner, and Custom Charts can enhance the value of the insights you are getting from your program cost tracking and reporting. 

Tailored for PMOs and PMs, this presentation showcases the practical applications of these tools, providing actionable insights that will increase your confidence in your decision-making process.

Enterprise capacity management with Tempo’s Structure and Planner

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In this session, we will show you how our new Structure and Planner integration provides enterprise-level shared capacity management across all your projects and workloads.

See how Structure, our program and project management tool, can now be used to plan capacity across the enterprise portfolio using Capacity Planner as the centralized resource manager.

Unifying strategy and execution: Roadmapping with Roadmunk and Structure

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Join this session to see how Strategic Roadmaps and Structure can elevate your roadmapping to effortlessly connect strategy with execution.

Aimed at executives and delivery managers, we will explore how this integration fosters organization-wide strategic alignment and project transparency. 

Discover how our integrated solution accommodates various work methodologies without the need for extensive digital transformations.