Product Update - Enhancements to Global Cost Rates in Cost Tracker

In Cost Tracker by Tempo, those with the proper permissions can globally set Cost Rates and Billing Rates by the roles defined for your organization in Tempo Teams Roles.  These rates are used to calculate the cost of each team member's work.

Tempo has made some enhancements to how cost and billing rates are set including:

  • The global rates are now managed and maintained in a centralized page to manage and maintain global rates to better assist project managers.
  • Global cost rates can now be added with effective dates. (i.e. flexible dates for global cost role rates)

  • Roles and Rates under configuration are now renamed to Members and Roles.
  • The Cost Rates and Billing Rates screens will now have a toggle to “Apply Global Cost Rates” and “Apply Global Billing Rates” for respective screens.

(see images below to view changes)

Global Rates Cost Tracker

Effective Date Global Cost Rate Cost Tracker

Apply Global Rate Changes - Cost Tracker-1

More about Global Rates

Global rates can be applied throughout the organization and for all projects that are created in Cost Tracker. Changes made to the global rates will affect all projects where global rates are enabled. The count of projects using the global rates is displayed to alert project managers of the number of projects impacted by the changes.

Fixed rates and multiple flexible rates can be defined for each role at the global level and similarly at the project level. Project-level rates can be defined for the same roles where project managers have the flexibility to apply project-specific rates to the team member roles.

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