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Team capacity indicators and card views in Capacity Planner

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Capacity indicators provide a quick glance at the teams' capacity levels - assisting team leads and leadership roles by showing which teams are under, over, or at capacity.

30 October 2023

These indicators are visible in the Team Planning view to provide insights into the team capacity on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly breakdown.

The capacity calculations are visualized and color-tagged in the Team Planning view to show capacity levels for over-capacity, under-capacity or at-capacity, enabling resource managers to allocate work more efficiently across teams, based on each team's capacity level within the selected time period.

  • Red indicates over-capacity when 100% allocation or more is assigned.

  • Orange indicates under-capacity; between 0 and 80% allocation is assigned.

  • Green indicates at-capacity when allocation is between 80% and 100%.

  • Grey indicates no FTE or capacity calculations.

In Cards view, you can expand the resource name and click on the Total Hours to see a breakdown of the hours per day. Click on the Availability button to see the daily availability for the individual resource.

Those who are planning for individuals will get a better idea of how a particular team member's time is allocated and by what activities.

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