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Product News - Renaming Tempo's Team Field in Jira Issue View

From Team '23

Tempo Team

Tempo is making it easier to identify which Tempo Team is linked to a specific Jira issue. In the Jira issue view, users will now see 'Tempo Team' as the field title as opposed to just the word 'Team' as shown in the image below. The purpose of this change is to call out this Tempo custom field and avoid confusion should users be utilizing other 'team' fields within Jira (ex: Atlassian Teams) This change is set to take place on May 31, 2023.

Note: The Team custom field will also be renamed to Tempo Team, and anywhere Team is referenced. For example, in file exports and the custom field page.

More About Tempo Teams

When managing work performed by a group of people, Tempo Teams in Timesheets and Capacity Planner is a central concept and crucial features.

Tempo Teams can be used for coordinating employees using roles or skills, managing schedules, and approving timesheets - per department or for a special project that brings together employees from different departments.

The Team Planning feature in Planner was also released earlier this year to provide a high-level planning view of assigned work to Tempo Teams, represented by Jira Epics that can be used as a delivery roadmap for the teams.

No matter how you use them, Tempo Teams can help you easily manage the worklogs and plans And if you want to use timesheet approvals in Timesheets or plan approvals in Planner, your employees need to be in Tempo Team.

15 May 2023