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Product News - Company Update - Data Residency in the EU

From Team '23

Tempo Team

27 November 2023

Tempo is pleased to announce that its Timesheets, Capacity Planner, and Financial Manager cloud products support data residency in the EU based on Jira data residency configuration. This support will include:

  • Using the same Tempo API endpoints from any region

  • Tempo Mobile app working for the customers in the EU region (and across any support region)

  • App integrations working across regions

    • VS Code

    • IntelliJ

    • Time-tracker Chrome extension

    • Slack

Data residency gives you control over where your in-scope product data for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, and Confluence is hosted. It allows you to choose whether it’s globally distributed or held in place in a defined geographic location, such as Europe or the US.If you work in a regulated industry like finance, government, or healthcare, data residency may be a necessity for operating in a cloud environment. More generally, it can also help you meet company data management requirements.Before taking advantage of this new support, Tempo highly recommends reading over our data residency documentation and contacting our support team.