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Agile at Scale5 min read

Tempo's suite of Jira native tools enables agile mastery at scale

Company’s modular solution is embedded in Jira for a seamless experience and can be configured to support any organization’s unique product development methodologies.
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Key Takeaways

  • Legacy Enterprise solutions are too rigid for modern businesses running Agile at Scale

  • Tempo has developed a flexible and modular solution of tools, embedded with Jira, that work independently or together to support all companies, regardless of their approach to Agile

  • Tempo will have a presence at Agile 2023 on July 24–28 and at the SAFe Summit in Nashville, TN on August 15–18

JULY 25, 2023 – BOSTON – Tempo Software continues to innovate its modular suite of tools to support agile organizations that know the 'one-size-fits-all' traditional model of monolithic software solutions do not effectively scale transformation and meet the needs of teams. People, processes, and tools have long been the three main focuses for achieving organizational agility. However, large organizations are often trapped by inflexible solutions that do not allow for the multitude of methodologies, practices, and collaboration in teams, teams of teams, and the broader organization. According to a McKinsey study, highly successful agile transformations typically delivered around 30 percent gains in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational performance; made the organization five to ten times faster; and turbocharged innovation.* What organizations require is an Agile solution that supports the wide umbrella of Agile practices, provides guardrails for Agile excellence, but avoids the rigidity of monolithic Enterprise solutions. Enter Tempo. Tempo's unique approach allows those future requirements to be met through an adaptive, modular, and flexible approach that is fully embedded with the tool all product teams are familiar with — Atlassian Jira. Modularity means companies can tackle their greatest area of need first and develop further from there. Building a solution as maturity progresses reduces risk of failure and cost as organizations and teams can replace or modify tools as their needs change. Enterprise environments are dynamic and subject to constant change and every business — even if they’re using the same methodology — approaches Agile in a different way. Tempo’s modular approach means whichever processes are running, there’s a flexible solution that will fit in with their way of working. Given process rigidity and lack of adaptability is a key failure pattern in Agile Transformations, this flexibility allows organizations to embrace teams and large organizational needs simultaneously. Being embedded within Jira and every level of product development, means Tempo’s tools can align business strategy with team level agility, implement comprehensive capacity planning, and enable big and visible communication across the agile organization. “Speaking as one of the go-to companies for Enterprise-grade agile solutions, Tempo has long been our preferred supplier for Agile at Scale Tooling,” said Dan Teixeira, head of enterprise agility and tooling at Cprime. “Their modular and flexible approach means our consultants can build custom solutions that meet the needs of our customers perfectly, and the fact that it’s all built on top of Jira means less friction in terms of the development and onboarding.” With these principles in place, Tempo created a series of tools for roadmapping, cost management, team capacity planning and management, and agile program management.

All the pieces an organization needs to prevail with Agile at Scale, embedded within the familiar workspace of Jira, and flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements, which is a key objective for Agile working. Tempo’s suite of Agile at Scale tools can be demonstrated or discussed with Tempo experts in Orlando, FL for Agile 2023 on July 24–28 or at the SAFe Summit in Nashville, TN on August 15–18.