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Tempo Timesheets plugins for Microsoft VS Code and Jetbrains

Tempo Timesheets now has plugins for Microsoft VS Code via its Visual Studio Extensions Marketplace, and for JetBrains via Tempo’s early access program.
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Allows developers to effortlessly and automatically track time from wherever they work

BOSTON, June 30, 2021 – Tempo, a leader in team time management and productivity-enhancing solutions, today announced that its flagship product, Tempo Timesheets, now has plugins for Microsoft VS Code via its Visual Studio Extensions Marketplace, and for JetBrains via Tempo’s early access program, TempoLab. These plugins are the latest innovations to enable Tempo’s time tracking products to seamlessly track time everywhere development work is done.

The new Tempo VS Code and JetBrains (via TempoLab) plugins make it even easier for developers to record time against their work. Both plugins automatically create suggested activities through the Activity Feed in Tempo Timesheets based on coding actions and changes made to files in git repositories, allowing developers to quickly review and log their time. Their workflow does not have to be disrupted, allowing for time tracking with just a single click.

Having detailed visibility into how time is spent on development projects is critical for organizations to optimize their efforts. Traditional time tracking software is unintuitive and costs users time rather than saving it. Tempo gives business leaders key insights they need, but have been missing, to understand and optimize their development teams’ work while not taking away the valuable time of developers.

Tempo intelligently and automatically generates a suggested time record based on activities in VS Code and JetBrains. The algorithm detects multiple time tracking events and prioritizes simultaneous activities, learning over time and making automatic suggestions. The results let developers more easily track their time directly within their projects, instead of interrupting their progress to manually log time. Additional benefits include:

  • Better end user experience: integrating time tracking closer to where the work is being performed

  • Less manual intervention: automation frees users from manual input and re-keying information

  • Increased productivity: minimizing disruptions to workflow in order to track and plan time

  • More accurate time reporting: automation reduces human error

The VS Code and JetBrains plugins were released as a part of TempoLab, Tempo’s early access program for pre-general release products for Cloud installations. Customers who opt-in to TempoLab get access to a private Slack channel to interact directly with the Tempo product team, send feedback, and assist with product direction for these plugins and future innovations. Customers who participate in TempoLab will get a first look and opportunity to familiarize themselves with new Cloud features that are a part of the program ahead of general release.

“Our customers want effortless and accurate insights into team and time management, so they can focus their time developing the best products for their end users. We released the VS Code and JetBrains plugins to automate time tracking even further,” said Mark Lorion, CEO, Tempo.

“Nearly 100 Tempo customers are using the VS Code plugin, and their initial feedback has been very positive. They like the seamless integration with the tool where work is being done, so developers can code without interruption to track their time. As a result, they have a clearer view of how developers are deployed across projects and which of those projects have the best return for their devs’ time. We’re excited to get more customers into TempoLab and give them an early look at our innovations like VS Code and JetBrains plugins.”

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