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How Youwe uses Tempo Capacity Planner and Timesheets to stay in control of their portfolio

Tempo's software solutions helps us manage the hardest parts of a running a service-orientated organization.
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Youwe is an internet agency developing high-end internet applications various for targeted audience groups. They develop B2B E-commerce platforms, CRM integrations, PIM solutions, mobile applications, solutions based on content management systems, and much more.

We spoke to their CTO, Rob Wiek, about how they work, how Tempo’s tools have helped, and how their teams adapted to a working in a new technology. have a nice line about what we do:

How are your teams set up?

Wiek: “We have 12 teams with approx. 10-20 people in each team. Our teams are all composed of self-sustained specialists like designers, developers, project managers, quality control managers, system administrators, consultants, etc.

“Teams will have different specialists depending on the team type. For example, the design team is composed of designers and art directors, whereas the development team is mostly developers and project managers.”

Why Tempo?

Wiek: “We started using Timesheets by Tempo several years ago and at the time it was one of the most feature-rich Atlassian plugins for  timetracking and worklog management. It basically provided a detailed user timesheet and made it easy to manage project reports.”

“After a great meeting with the Tempo team we started to work with the Tempo team more actively and have been helping them improve the Dutch translation for the new module. Now, a few years later, we have built our entire business around Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets, and the Jira plugins have become a crucial part of the way we do business.”

How do you use Tempo?

Wiek: “We are currently managing over 110 employees and more than 600 active projects using Timesheets and with the new Tempo Planner (2.0) our teams are able to easily plan their agile projects in a matter of minutes. Tempo's software solutions helps us manage the hardest parts of a running a service-orientated organization. It is a pleasure to work with Tempo.”

What kind of problems have the Tempo products solved for you?

Wiek “Keeping track and control over worklogs and hours. And having a system with a proper API which allows us to integrate business intelligence solutions for proper management reports. Which gives us more control over our organization.”

How would you say your employees feel about using Tempo products?

Wiek: “Timesheets is an easy-to-use time tracking tool, which gives our team a clear view of their own timesheet, the team timesheet, and project reports. JIRA does not support such overviews in an easy way. Tempo makes this process much easier for the people who need this data.”