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Double Stallion solved its reporting nightmares with Timesheets by Tempo

Since implementing Timesheets, Double Stallion has tightly integrated time tracking into their sprint planning.
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Double Stallion Games is a game studio based in Montreal, Canada. They specialize in creating vibrant and stylish 2D experiences with titles such as Speed Brawl and Big Action Mega Fight! However, before implementing any tracking software, the Double Stallion team were having a diffcult time in working in Jira. They were lacking transparency and a clear overview of their project(s) health throughout the organization. Read on to discover how Timesheets by Tempo took Double Stallion to the next level.


Double Stallion faced difficulties accounting for expenses in order to file for tax-credits and had issues gathering information for auditing purposes. They needed a way to track expenses in general as well as to justify project-based expenses.

What they were looking for was a tool that offered simple time tracking that was tied into Jira and could be used to report in various ways on all work logged within the company. After a quick (virtual) trip to explore the Atlassian Marketplace, they found the number one tool for exactly what they were looking for: Timesheets by Tempo.


Since implementing Timesheets, Double Stallion has tightly integrated time tracking into their sprint planning. This has allowed them to use the time tracking within Tempo to make better estimates when planning their sprints.

Everyday their team members track their time in Timesheets directly from the Jira issues that they’re working on. The Double Stallion team are big fans of the worklog calendar, using it daily to track time across their projects in Jira. Now, the teams at Double Stallion have a simple and speedy way to log their work within Jira so they can focus on what they do best instead of slog through manual data entry.

They’ve also enabled weekly timesheet approvals, where team members submit their timesheets on a weekly basis to their managers. This increases transparency within the company and gives managers a better overview of the work efforts and activities that team members are working on.

Furthermore, Double Stallion uses the Tempo Accounts feature to group time spent within the organization into logical spending categories and cost centers. This is a huge benefit for their accounting efforts at the end of the year, easily able to tell where the company’s efforts are being spent.

This has enabled them to use Timesheets as an auditing tool to report on time spent for end of year tax credits and compliance checks – making life easier for the company and saving money. 


One of the biggest benefits that the Double Stallion team discovered was the ability to track all time within the organization and use it to apply for tax credits.

Daniel Menard, co-founder and CEO of Double Stallion, said: “Once we started using Timesheets, we have much more concrete and actionable data on where employees hours are going. We can easily produce reports for R&D tax credits tied directly to the work that was done in Jira.”

By having everything within the same tool, it has made it easier for team members to track their time as they already work in Jira. With Timesheets by Tempo they’ve been able to keep timesheets accurate and reduce errors. It has also helped many of their team members with remembering what they were working on, making it easier for them to track their time.