Myview Systems Stays Organized with Jira Time Tracking Software from Tempo

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myview systems is a web-based product information management company based in Büren, Germany. The company has 25 employees.


Before implementing Tempo, myview systems had no consolidated time tracking software for managing its projects in Jira. The process of marking time was unstructured, complex and inefficient. Some employees resorted to using spreadsheets to keep track of their work, while others didn’t even bother. Some employees even reported parts of their work to a colleague. Using uncentralized spreadsheets, the process was chaotic and undisciplined.


Now that myview systems has adopted Jira time tracking software from Tempo, each work issue becomes a Jira ticket and every quarter of an hour is booked on a ticket. Tickets are each associated with specific projects. With Tempo, myview systems is now able to generate dedicated reports for every project and projects are analyzed on a regular basis.

With Jira time tracking software from Tempo, users have access to a calendar where they can drag and drop issues to log work instantly. They can also view detailed time-keeping information and build reports in seconds. Managers have an extra layer of oversight which helps to reduce billing errors and ensure customer satisfaction.


Tempo has become a regular tool in myview’s everyday work routine. The time tracking software enables myview systems to charge its customers an accurate amount for its services, as well as keep track of its work in various different fields, such as product development, administration, customer service, marketing, and others. Managers are now able to keep track of the efforts spent on each project and to generate dedicated reports. Tempo ensures the accuracy of these reports, which are the basis for myview’s billing process in case of support cases. For regular users, Tempo offers a one-stop interface to log time, a vast improvement from manually reporting hours to colleagues who fill in spreadsheets.

“It is hard to give a concrete number,” Head of Research and Development Dr.-Ing. Lars Seifert said when asked how much money he saved with Jira time tracking software from Tempo. “Roughly speaking, it could sum up to more than €12,000 per year.” 

“There is no doubt that every team member, from management to project leader to regular user, loves to use the software,” he added.

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