How Svenska Spel saved costs by consolidating systems and prioritizing better

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Q&A with Svenska Spel

For this Q&A, we talked to Fredrik Winzell of Svenska Spel, a state-owned company in Sweden that operates in the regulated gambling market. Svenska Spel switched to Tempo in 2019.

Can you describe what your company does?


Svenska Spel’s mandate is to deliver attractive games in a responsible manner. It is based on protecting the customer. Svenska Spel includes well-known brands, such as Lotto, Triss, Stryktipset, Oddset, Vegas and Casino Cosmopol. Svenska Spel’s vision is that gaming is for everyone’s enjoyment. The company actively works to counter gaming problems through information and concrete tools for customers to allow them to control their gaming habits. The surplus from the company’s operations is paid directly to the Public Treasury.

What was the original system you used for time tracking?

Before Tempo Timesheets, we had a separate project management tool to track time for our IT department and larger projects. The big difference is that the task for time reporting was separate from the issue that the user was actually working on. The tool itself also required a lot of administration with managing time tracking tasks and assigning tasks to users since they couldn’t do it themselves.

How did employees respond to Tempo? Were they trained on it?

We’ve had minimal training with our users since the user interface is so intuitive. Our employees had an introduction on how to log time and submit timesheets to the supervisor, and a separate introduction for supervisors on how to view and approve team timesheets.

Most questions have been regarding mapping accounts to projects and issues, since our service catalogue has changed a lot due to organisational changes. So I would say that the employees adopted quickly to Tempo Timesheets and felt comfortable with the user interface.

Can you describe the ROI on Tempo?

We made considerable cost savings by consolidating our systems and reducing the time each employee has to spend logging their time in separate systems. The ability to track time on what we actually deliver helps us make better decisions and prioritize better than we could before, and brings more value to our internal customers.

What are some of your favourite Tempo features? Would you recommend Tempo to another company?

The best part of moving to Tempo Timesheets is that we now have the ability to log our time on the issues that we actually are working on, and we don’t need to switch between applications. Besides the very friendly user interface, we have the data we need to analyse everything, from IT services to individual issues. We can see how well we estimate and so on. We use the built-in functionality in Tempo Timesheets and extend it with the plug-in Riada Insight to be able to add metadata to Accounts and Roles. We can really recommend Tempo to other companies that use Jira.


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