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Hove Medical is a leading Scandinavian software company with headquarters in Norway. They provide state-of-the-art medical systems for healthcare providers.


Before starting to use Jira time tracking software from Tempo, the company struggled to see how much time they spent on tasks. Without a proper tool in place, they couldn’t get a clear overview of their development costs. What Hove Medical needed was a simple time-tracking solution to integrate with their Jira. They found one with Tempo Timesheets.


Using Jira time tracking software (or Tempo Timesheets), all Hove Medical employees now record how they spend their time on tickets in Jira. The company set up common tickets that everybody can use along with a set of private personal tickets for each employee. That's where employees track time spent on vacation, illness, paid leaves and unpaid leaves. They have also expanded Tempo features by adding their own handling of overtime and flex hours. Flex hours are extra hours that employees can work and take off at a later time.

Using the approvals feature in Timesheets, all employees now plan time for non-working hours (e.g. vacation, sick leave, or other types of leave). The planned time is sent to the team lead for approval. The team lead then either approves the planned time or rejects it with a comment. Using common tickets across the whole team, employees log their time on development separately from other tasks and personal time.


Since Hove Medical was already using Jira, they wanted an integrated solution. Tempo Timesheets allowed them to get started without a problem.

“We now have a complete worklog system that helps us track the time we spend,” explained Jo-André Lia, Head of Development. “The most important feature is the timesheet and the approval process."

Having a complete account of vacation time and overtime makes it easy for their payroll to track paid overtime and leave. The process is simple to manage and more transparent than before. Using Tempo Timesheets, Hove Medical can now more accurately estimate the cost of development and leverage that in their financial reporting to set up new budgets. They can also estimate the cost of future projects with similar elements.

Hove Medical employees now have an easy system to log their time and their team leads have increased transparency into how time is spent. The company’s decision-making has improved because Tempo Timesheets brings increased visibility into their development costs.

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