Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Timesheets

Automated time tracking - the future of time data

The easiest and fastest way to log time in Jira is with Tempo’s automated time tracking suggestions and integrations with popular tools like Google calendar, Slack and VS Code.



How does automated time tracking work?

Because we know your time is important and better spent on productive tasks, we are making time tracking simple and a part of users’ workflow, minimizing effort and optimizing time. Discover alternative channels for automated time tracking, right where your teams are working day-to-day.

Get a more accurate understanding of where time is invested, across teams, projects and initiatives. Automated time tracking pulls in data from sources like VS Code and Google calendar or can be pushed from tools like our integration for Slack and mobile app.


Time Tracking with Tempo for Slack

With the Tempo app for Slack*, you can quickly, and without opening Tempo, log your time with accuracy and ease. By using the Tempo app for Slack, you’ll be able to log your work in a timely manner and increase the accuracy of your records.

Simply connect your Tempo instance with Slack and get started.

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*only available for cloud users


Integrate with VS Code and Jetbrains

Automatically fill your timesheets from VS Code or Jetbrains*. Tempo’s embeddedness in Jira and integrations with IDE plugins offer developers and other users smooth and effortless time tracking after a hard day's work.

Navigate to the ‘Apps’ page in Tempo to add VS Code or Jetbrains to your Tempo instance.

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*only available for cloud users

My Work Calendar

Use calendar events to track time

Connect your Tempo with Google Calendar or Office 365 calendars* to easily track time on calendar events. 

Navigate to the ‘Apps’ page in Tempo to connect your calendar to your Tempo instance.

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*only available for cloud users

My Work Calendar

Automatically track Jira issue activity

While browsing or working on Jira issues*, see the data automatically in Tempo where you can turn them into logged time with one simple click. 

  • Get a list of Jira issues that time has been logged on frequently or recently
  • Select favorite Jira issues so they are easily found when logging time in Tempo

*only available for cloud users


Time Tracking App for all Devices

Tempo delivers a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you keep an eye on your workload anytime and from anywhere, and manage your time on-the-go.

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Cloud app Android


Time Tracking with Tempo for Chrome

Easily turn on multiple trackers directly from your Google Chrome browser. Start and stop them whenever you see fit. Easily navigate between views and log work on ongoing issues without unnecessary search time.

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FAQs about automated time tracking


What are the benefits of using an automated time tracker?

  • More accuracy

  • Less time spent on logging time

Automated time tracking vs manual time tracking: which is better?

Automated is better.

  • Automated: helps you remember what you worked on, is a part of your flow, faster than manual
  • Manual: often involves checking multiple sources to get an good overview of tasks worked on, no automatic reminder to track time so increased risk to do it too late, inaccurate because it relies on memory

How much time can you save using automated time tracking?

  • Log time at the end of the day with one click
  • Not just about saving time but about increased accuracy as well

Who benefits from automated time tracking?

  • The end user saves time and avoids frustration of time tracking, thereby being able to focus their time on the actual work. 
  • Managers benefit because adoption of time tracking is faster and time data is more accurate than without automated time tracking.
  • The hassle of time tracking may prevent companies from rolling out time tracking. Automated time tracking may clear that blocker thereby allowing companies to unlock the secrets of time tracking.
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