The Agile at Scale Playbook

Today’s economic climate is dynamic, and customer demands are soaring, so it’s no wonder that more enterprises than ever are adopting Agile at Scale to stay ahead. The mindset of continuous improvement and flexibility can be a game changer.

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About this playbook

Adopting Agile at Scale goes beyond the implementation of agile methodologies within individual teams. It's about synchronizing multiple agile teams to achieve enterprise-wide objectives. But this journey is significant in scope.

This playbook is a comprehensive run through of all of the major components of Agile at Scale, from the initial principles, to roles and responsibilities, to implementation.  

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"Working with some of the largest agile organizations in the world has afforded the Tempo team a number of insights into scaled agile practices. We’re proud and excited to share them with you in this guide."

Shannon Mason  |  CSO at Tempo

What’s in the guide?



An introduction to agile and scaled agile principles, exploring some of the main frameworks.


Organizational structure

A review of different ways of structuring the business, and the role of leadership.


Implementation best practices

Training, coaching, and overcoming resistance. We also explore reporting.


Continuous improvement

How to continuously improve and adapt processes and practices.


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