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Tempo Idea Portal

In Tempo's Idea Portal, you can share suggestions for our products, browse existing ideas, and vote on the ideas that resonate the most with you. With the help of your suggestions and votes, our products will be better built to serve you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an idea?

Before you submit your idea, look to see if a similar idea already exists. If so, you can vote to add your voice to it and receive updates.

To create a new idea, click the “Create a new idea” button and follow the steps. We recommend that you log in or sign up first as this will display the idea with your name. You’ll also be able to see a history of your ideas and votes.

Here are a few more helpful tips: 

  • Make sure that your idea is clear and concise so others can relate to it and vote on it.

  • Help us understand your use case: why is this important to you, what is really stopping you from doing this today, and what the impact would be for you to have this idea implemented.

  • Take the time to review existing ideas in the portal. It will be more impactful for you to vote or comment on an existing idea that has already gained traction than to create a new one.

What happens after I submit an idea or vote on one?

Tempo product managers review all new ideas, assign them with an initial status, and provide updates. We may merge your ideas with existing ones or add more information based on product and/or hosting platform for example.

The idea portal offers important input into our roadmap and planning process, along with customer feedback and market trends. We may reach out directly on the idea to get additional info into the use case or even share designs for feedback before implementing them.  

You will automatically be notified of a change in status and comments added to ideas that you created or voted on. 

What do the different statuses mean?

  • PLANNED - Feature is on our roadmap.
  • LIKELY TO IMPLEMENT - Request is being evaluated.
  • FUTURE CONSIDERATION - Not currently on our roadmap but evaluating interest. 
  • UNLIKELY TO IMPLEMENT - Not a focus right now but might be considered later.
  • WILL NOT IMPLEMENT - Request does not align with current vision and focus and will not be considered for our roadmap at this point.
  • ALREADY EXISTS - The idea already exists in Tempo products.
  • SHIPPED - The idea has been developed and released.

Do I need to log in to submit an idea?

You don't need to log in to create an idea or vote on existing ones. You will get updates at the email address provided at the time of creating a new idea. That said, we do recommend you log in as it will show the idea created under your name and also allow you to see your ideas and vote history.  

How do I know if an idea was released?

If you have created or voted on an idea, you will receive an update by email once the status is changed to “SHIPPED”. To see all release information of our products, visit our release pages for Cloud and Server/Data Center.