Webinar Recording

Promoting Women in Tech: Shifting the Dynamic

An engaging panel discussion in which women in various roles at tech companies share advice on how to break into the tech field


The tech field can seem cutthroat and unappealing to women. But does it always have to be? In this panel, women in various roles at tech companies share their stories and advice for how to break into the tech field. Whether you are starting your career or making a career change, join this panel to get some best practices and learn from the women who have been there. We will also talk about how important it is for companies that want to attract top talent to provide an environment that appeals to women.


  • Colette Dill-Lerner, CMO at Tempo and operating partner at Diversis
  • Danica Arthur-Asante, Developer at Adaptavist
  • Janette Hagerlund, COO at Refined 
  • Alexandra Fuentes, VP Operations at Appfire
  • Guðrún Fema Ólafsdóttir, Partner Account Executive at Tempo 
  • Anke Viehweger, Business Lead at Yasoon
  • Sherry Yang, Senior Software Engineer at Adaptavist

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