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Webinar Recording

Promoting Women in Tech: Are We There Yet?

An engaging panel discussion about how 2020 has impacted women working in tech

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The tech world is increasingly diverse, but are there warning signs this might be changing? How has the rise of remote work in 2020 affected women and people who identify as women? Join the women of the Atlassian vendor ecosystem as they discuss how they carve out a career in the tech industry across regions, how they navigate their different roles and how they balance work and family. Are things really better than before? Are we still heading in the right direction? 


  • Colette Dill-Lerner, CMO at Tempo and operating partner at Diversis
  • Justine Violante, Head of Marketing at Beecom Products and Worldwebforum
  • Charlotte Joseph-Smith, Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Adaptavist
  • Ruchi Bahadur, Senior Product Manager at Tempo
  • Julia Atlygina, SAFe expert at ALM Works
  • Danica Arthur-Asante, Developer at Adaptavist

Watch the webinar recording