We are changing our License Agreement

Dear customer,

We're always working to make Tempo better and we are committed to meeting our customers' needs and those of their employees. With that in mind we want to let you know that we have revised our License Agreement due to changes in our operational environment during the last few months.

Below are the main focus points in the new License Agreement:

For our customers

  • We have clarified the terms of the license and user's rights.
  • We provided clarification of warranties, including additional warranty protection for customers.

Jurisdictional Changes

  • We have moved our headquarters from Iceland to Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States and the license agreement now contemplates such move with revised contact information and governing law provisions.
  • Since users from various jurisdictions are using our products we have expanded protections and rights to cover each and everyone to provide a consistent user experience.

Legal documents

  • Updated references to other Tempo policies, including Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement
  • We have renamed the License Agreement from “Customer License Agreement” or CLA, to “End User License Agreement” or EULA.

The revised EULA goes into effect on January 6th, 2020. By using Tempo products on or after that date, you agree to the EULA.

We wish to clarify that this summary is qualified in its entirety by the underlying agreements. They may be amended or altered from time to time in accordance with their terms and in the event of any conflict, the agreement language controls.

For further information see our End User Licence Agreement or contact our Service Desk.


The Tempo Team

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